Best HDTV Under $1000

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Best HDTV Under $1000

HDTV sets have become quite affordable in the consumer electronics market today. Here are some candidates for the title for prospective buyers who are on a strict budget.

High-Definition television sets are commonly found in many homes across the United States today, and this has led to a dramatic drop in the prices of HDTV sets in the market. Full-HD content has become very common now, thanks to all the amazing gadgets that everyone owns, so more and more TV stations are also providing HD content for the pleasure of viewers. The best video game consoles are capable of displaying high quality graphics in HD formats, and other mobile devices are also capable of capturing and projecting such content now, which has all contributed to the rise of the flat screen HDTV.

A TV set is something that an average family buys every 5-10 years. So it makes sense to shell out some extra money in order to get a better deal and future-proof one’s TV set.

Best HDTV at $1000 or Lower

LG 42SL80 – $999

This is a great LCD TV offered by LG at a very affordable price. The key point of this HDTV set is its energy efficiency. The screen size is 42″ and the refresh rate is an impressive 240Hz, making it quite fast and snappy. You will also get 4 HDMI ports and a PC input port as well, so versatility and compatibility is not a problem here. LG’s trademarked Picture Wizard is also present which gives you the ability to manipulate the colors and the picture quality in great depth. You should also check out the LG 50PV450 which has a bigger screen size of 50″.

Panasonic TC-P42ST30 – $899

The price for this HDTV set may vary a little bit, but this is the average selling price for it. Its stylish designing, good picture quality and array of features make it one of the best Plasma TV sets available for sale right now. You also get a Wi-Fi dongle with the TV and an Internet Suite to handle your web based apps. The best part is that the TV set supports 3D content and provides 3D glasses as well. The screen size is a satisfactory 42″ but the refresh rate is a disappointing 60Hz. The Panasonic Viera TC-L42D2 is another good 42″ option to explore.

Samsung LN46C630 – $999

Getting an HDTV set is good for this price is definitely a dream come true for many people. The styling of the set is very impressive and there are tons of great picture adjustment features that are provided. This is an LCD TV so you should be happy with a refresh rate of 120Hz, but the 46″ screen size totally compensates for that. A range of Samsung apps are also provided, converting this TV into a full-fledged media center for your entertainment. The Samsung PN50C590 is another worthy 50″ HDTV that is worth looking at.

Sony Bravia KDL-46EX500 – $989

This 46″ sized LCD TV by Sony offers a refresh rate of 120Hz which is satisfactory, but its highlight is the picture quality that the Sony Bravia engine provides. This is an impressive TV set which offers picture quality on par with edge-lit LED TV sets, so not many people will find much to complain about here. The brightness, black levels, color accuracy and video processing capabilities of this TV are on par with the industry standards. For this price, that is more than enough. You can also have a look at the smaller 40″ Sony KDL-40VE5.

Vizio E550VL – $999

This is a mammoth 55″ HDTV provided by Vizio at a very attractive price. Energy efficiency, good refresh rates, average color accuracy and a wide compatibility list are some of the features of Vizio LCD TV sets, and this particular can be described thus as well. There are not many picture controls available, then again, there are not many 55″ TV sets available for less than $1000 either. Though this TV set falls behind competitors a bit, it represents terrific value for money nonetheless. The Vizio Razor M470SV is another 47″ Vizio TV worth looking at.

Picking the best HDTV around or under $1000 is not a very simple task, only because of the large number of choices that are available. As a result, sticking to the top brands is highly recommended. You must also ensure that you check all the features of an HDTV before buying it, so that you do not end up exceeding your budget for something that you will never be using.

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