Best HDMI Cable for PS3

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Best HDMI Cable for PS3

If you wish to buy a HDMI cable for your PS3, you need to look beyond its price. There are many cheaper brands that you should consider, and their performance and quality will not be drastically lower.

People looking for a HDMI cable should be aware of the fact that retailers and electronic stores have a habit of quoting unnecessarily high prices for it. If you do your research well, and search from all the right sources, you will find them at very affordable prices.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, and this cable is very useful for many different purposes. It is most commonly used by people who play with advanced video game consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. The console is connected to a HDTV with the help of this cable, and the TV shows the graphics in the crystal clear 1080p format.

Another use is for home theater systems, especially for systems that use modern TV sets. These cables are collections of 19 different wires inside, so they make the transmission of content much clearer than regular ones.

PlayStation 3 HDMI Cable Sources

The best place to buy such cables is the Internet. If you look at websites like Ebay and Amazon, you will certainly find some good choices. These will not be as pricey as the ones in retail stores, and in most cases, their quality will be on par with some of the most expensive ones as well. The cables sold in retail stores cost anything between USD 50 – USD 100, and this is certainly a pretty steep price to pay, considering that you can buy a video game console for around USD 299.

Which is the Best HDMI Cable for PlayStation 3?

Monster Cable is said to be the best for this purpose, but it will cost you around USD 100. Rather than paying so much for just a wire, here are some alternate choices that you can explore.

  • Nyko – Around USD 25
  • Monoprice – Around USD 20
  • Sony – Around USD 50
  • GameStop Brand – Around USD 70
  • The Apple Store – Around USD 20

People who tell you that an expensive HDMI cable offers better output are just trying to dupe you, and you should not pay attention to such things. Unless it has been used by someone else before, and it is damaged in some places, there will be absolutely no trouble that you will face while using any generic cable, irrespective of the brand. The technology used to manufacture good HDMI wires is the same for all these different brands, and thus the differences in performance are minimal.

You should look at some lower end stores for the brands that have been mentioned here. These cables will be significantly cheaper, and will offer the same performance and quality as the one which costs half as much as your video game console itself.

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