A List of the Best Free Antivirus Software for 2018: What’s Your Pick?

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Best Free Antivirus 2012

A number of free antivirus programs are as good as the paid ones. This has resulted in a flurry of such programs in the market. So, here we are, to discuss the top software, which remove viruses, free of cost.

The use of Internet has become rampant all over the world. Therefore, one can also see many computer systems being attacked by numerous malicious software. This has led to an increase in the usage of antivirus software programs that are launched in the market. However, the cost of most antivirus programs is skyrocketing. One may not always want to spend on the same. In such a case, free programs come in handy. I will make you aware of these programs, which are widely available on the Internet.

Popular Free Antivirus

It is important to note that, the term ‘antivirus’ means a software, which protects computers from any kind of malicious software. A virus can be a Trojan, Spyware, Keylogger, Rootkit, Scareware, Adware, Worm, etc. Therefore, when you are looking for antivirus programs, you should consider a few pointers. It should give virus protection, spyware protection and should also come with automatic updates, so that your system is protected at all times.

Microsoft Windows Defender

The Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus is built for Windows 8 and above. MSE has now been replaced by Microsoft Windows Defender. Earlier, Windows Defender used to be an anti-spyware program for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. However, it has now evolved and developed into a complete antivirus software. The Microsoft Windows Defender resembles the MSE in many ways. Key Features:

  • Protection against viruses and threats.
  • Provides cloud based protection.
  • Network inspection.
  • Free automatic updates.

Avira Free Security Suite

Avira is among the most preferred free antivirus software and is extremely popular across the globe. The Avira Free Security Suite is available for a free download on the official Avira website and comes with a wide range of features. Key Features:

  • Protection against viruses and threats.
  • Browser security.
  • Phantom VPN facility.
  • Works efficiently without causing the system to lag.
  • A software updater is embedded within the antivirus.
  • Passwords are stored and protected reliably.
  • Safe search plus.

Avast Free Antivirus

The Avast Free Antivirus is known as an all-rounder in the domain of free antivirus softwares. It is among the most preferred antivirus softwares for PC protection as well as the most popular Android platform for smart phones. Avast is certainly the most preferred free antivirus for Android phones across the world. Key Features:

  • Protection against viruses and threats.
  • Passwords are stored and protected reliably.
  • Scans and generates alerts about shortcomings your WiFi security.

Panda Free Antivirus

The Panda Free Antivirus is one of the most popular free antivirus in the US. It is well known among PC users. The cloud-based scanning feature possessed by this free antivirus, is one of the prime reasons for the growing popularity of this software. Key Features:

  • Protection against viruses and threats.
  • Automatic updates of virus definitions ensure that the antivirus is equipped 24×7 to fight against the latest viruses.
  • Easy to install and use.

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus is the most popular antivirus software among users of Windows operating system. It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10; Mac OS and Android. AVG is a subsidiary of Avast and all the developments in AVG are taken care of by Avast Technologies. Key Features:

  • Blocks unsafe links & downloads
  • Blocks dangerous email attachments Gives you real-time security updates

In your bid to find the most efficient free antivirus program, it is important to keep note of these points. There are some malicious programs on the Internet, which will cause more harm than good, if they are downloaded. At the same time, there is increasing competition in the free antivirus market, which has made it difficult to judge the best ones from all of them. Therefore, the choice will actually depend on the kind of protection you are seeking.

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