Best Free Android Apps For 2018

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Best Free Android Apps For 2018

Move over boring mobile handsets. This is the age of smartphones. With android phones, one really does not feel the need to use a computer. You can do practically everything on your to-do list with the help of your smartphone. However, it is a good idea to know which ones are the best, yet free to use and enjoy on your Android handset.

One of the best things people love about Android phones is the presence of unlimited free apps that one can download from the Google Play Store. With more than 3 million apps available in the Android market, the iPhone store surely has a tough competitor.

As you can see, one will have a tough time finding the best apps from a wide range of options. We will have a look at some of the best Android apps in the following paragraphs, that come at no cost.

Top Free Android Apps

Store. Search. App. Click. Install. Need to pay. Uninstall.

Are you familiar with this process? If yes, then you need to read this. In order to get the free Android apps, all you need to do is, create or use your existing Google Account and login to the Android Market. Go to the list of free apps and click to install the ones that you need.


This is a great app to make notes for just about everything. Whether you need a to-do list, or set a reminder, or to simply note down thoughts that cross your mind, Evernote is your perfect solution. You can also use it to take pictures or set voice reminders for yourself.

If you just need to write down a to-do list, then go for TickTick, OneNote, ColorNote Notepad.

Fitbit Coach

Are you a fitness freak? Or someone who likes to keep a track of what you eat and count calories? Then you will love Fitbit Coach. You can create a Fitbit account easily, once you download this app. It will recommend you exercises based on your daily activities and also provides videos of step-by-step workout moves. It has so many types of exercises that you’ll never do the same routine twice.

Endomondo – Running & Walking, RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk are also worth a download.


For all the music lovers out there, Spotify is one of the best apps that the Android Market has to offer. The music library of Spotify is growing faster than ever before. So you can download as many songs as you like with the song downloader. You can also turn on the radio and listen to songs from all over the world.

See also- SoundCloud, Slacker Radio, Google Play Music.


Are you tired of unwanted telemarketing calls? Then you should definitely install this app. You can get the caller ID of any unknown number bothering you. You also have the option of blocking anonymous numbers or those already existing in your contact list. One amazing feature it gives is block numbers by series.  

Identify unwanted numbers with Mr. Number, WhosCall, TrapCall.

Google Assistant Chat

Google Assistant

Google assistant is a tough competitor of Siri. It is very user friendly, you can make quick phone calls, send text messages, set reminder and alarms, take selfies, play trivia games and much more. 

If you’re bored and want some entertainment, Google assistant can help you out. It can suggest games to play, or it can tell you some hilarious jokes that you can never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Just say, “OK Google”.


One day or another, boredom comes to us all. So, we need to be prepared for that and Imgur is a good solution. In the age of Memes, you need to stay updated. You can get authentic human stories, latest memes, cute videos, animal videos, viral images, GIFs of your favorite topic and much more. You can share it instantly and spread the joy of laughter.

Since you’re here…

Since you’re here, you may like these apps also…

  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • BlueMail
  • Credit Karma
  • Feedly
  • Gboard
  • Waze
  • AppLock

These are some of the best free Android apps that you should think about installing on your Android phone. When you visit the Play Store, you will be overwhelmed by the choices offered to you. You can ask around for advice, in case you are not able to find the apps you are searching for.

Choose an application that suits your needs. Load your phone with these must-have Android apps and enjoy your mobile experience with this OS by the giant in search engine, Google.

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