Best eBook Reader for iPhone

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Best eBook Reader for iPhone

Are you on the lookout for the best eBook reader for your iPhone? This article reviews the finest eBook readers, in the form of apps to download on your device, so that you can sit back, relax, and read every book that you like.

Agreed. Nothing beats the smell of printed paper, and the tingling feel on your fingers, when you turn the very first page of a new book. Then again, what if I tell you that book reading can be taken to another level, on a well-lit screen with the ability to bookmark and save pages, highlight paragraphs, change font styles and sizes, use an integrated dictionary, and all this on a small mobile screen? Now that is something worth looking forward to.

Welcome to the world of eBooks, that put a full-stop to the days of carrying heavy books everywhere. Today, just download an eBook app on your iPhone, and begin reading your favorite books anywhere and everywhere. These applications have definitely taken the world by storm, and are here to stay.

Top eBook Readers for iPhone


Category: Free
By far, the most successful eBook reader for all smartphones and tablets, Kindle opens up its vast catalog of titles for Apple’s one-of-its-kind smartphone – over 810,000 books, countless magazines, journals, newspapers, and while you’re reading this article here, they must be updating this title-count. Well, to a certain extent, you might find Kindle too gentle for the eyes, but then, squandering $360 to buy an actual Kindle tablet, or a free app that gives you access to a vast selection of copyrighted titles? You choose.


Category: Free
You know, with Stanza, you could hold a lifetime’s worth of reading in the palm of your hand. Just a few taps on your iPhone, and you’re exposed to a vast repository of over 100,000 books, periodicals, and magazines. Not only this, Stanza also supports Mobipocket, PalmDoc eBook formats, and MS LIT. Multi-column views, page customization, and page-flips with just a single tap; Stanza definitely creates an experience which is tailored to your liking.


Category: Paid
How about a cup of coffee in one hand, and your iPhone in the other, with an intuitive and elegantly created reading app with 3D page flips that look mind-bogglingly real? The fantastic features of this application, take you into the world of stories with immense ease. You use this app, and experience a revolutionary reading platform, all by spending just $2.99. Tap on your iPhone’s screen for navigation, bookmarking, changing the font size, or flipping the page, every tap will get you something new and interesting to experience.

B&N Nook

Category: Free
Barnes & Noble created this free app for bookworms who prefer the non-e-ink display on their iPhone’s screen. What catches the eye in this 2-million-books-rich eBook reader, is the cover flow style book browsing which makes you say ‘Wow!’, every time you browse for books. The Barnes & Noble Nook comes with five free books, considered as the all-time classics, along with a Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary. When traveling becomes a bore, this app surely drifts you off into good-book bliss.

Can’t find them to be good enough? Then, you might want to consider these:

  • eReader
  • BookShelf
  • WattPad
  • eBooks by Kobo
  • Comic Zeal
  • iPDF
  • Eucalyptus
  • QuickReader Lite
  • Wirdy

It’s interesting to realize where technology has taken the world today. You flip pages, but with a touch on the screen. You read a free sample of a book, before you download it. You need not browse through pages looking for your favorite paragraph – just highlight it before, so that you can find it whenever you want. Well, that’s eBooks for you, iPhone users, and making it a part of your collection of applications is a must!

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