Best Cydia Apps for iPod Touch That All Apple Owners Must Install

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Best Cydia Apps for iPod Touch

You can rock your media player with some of the best Cydia apps. The following article will help you turn your media device into an iPhone.


You will find many people are trying to jail break an iPod touch. Jail breaking, in simple terms, means hacking into the iPod touch to be able to download many other interesting and best Cydia apps. All you need to do is find some free software downloads along with their codes available on the Internet and hack into your iPod touch. Then you will have a world of some of the best Cydia applications for iPod touch. This will help you run many applications and turn your iPod touch into an Apple iPhone. Let us see some of the best Cydia apps for iPad.

Cydia Apps for iPod Touch

You have jailbroken your iPod touch and got the Cydia application installed. What you need to do now is customize your iPod with some interesting Cydia applications. The following are some of the top Cydia apps that you can install.


This is one time-saving and new Cydia apps that will help you manage your applications installed. Many people often wonder how to delete Cydia apps. The common way to do this is by starting Cydia then going to Manage. Here you need to go to Packages and locate the package to be deleted. Then, choose from either of the following actions: Modify, Remove, Confirm. This is how to delete Cydia apps from your iPod. But Cydelete is an applications that makes you skip all these steps. All you need to do is tap on the application and hold on for a millisecond or so. Then you can delete the installed Cydia apps in a jiffy.


After you jailbreak you iPod touch, the best Cydia themes will be at your fingertips. Winterboard is one of the best Cydia apps, that will help you manage your Cydia themes, backgrounds, status bar, even dock icons and make your iPod touch look absolutely unique.


What is an iPod if it does not have the best hits in the music world stored on its memory? Well, Dtunes is one of the top Cydia apps that will help you search and download free music for iPod from any website. Yes, believe it or not, free music downloads, anytime and anywhere.


It will help transfer files from your computer remotely. PDF files like ebooks can be transferred easily to your jailbroken iPod touch using OpenSSH. Also, it is useful in making customized icons for your iPod touch.

SB Settings

This is one of the best Cydia applications that will help you manage the setting of your iPod touch. You can change the setting from any page by just sliding the panel bar and accessing important settings like volume, Bluetooth and 3G. This is surely of the must have top Cydia apps for your iPod.


Not only you can download the best Cydia themes, but can even change the fonts of your iPod touch. You can get creative by downloading Fontswap that will help you choose different fonts to be displayed in your iPod touch.


This is a Cydia apps that will help you download different YouTube videos directly to your Apple iPod touch. This is quite a handy application, but you may find this application crashes sometimes.


The best way to personalize your iPod is to install Springtomize. You can change your icons, folders, app switcher, dock, animations and many more things as per your wishes. Purchase this interesting app in Cydia and start customizing your iPod as you like.

I hope this article has helped you check out some cool software for your recently jailbroken media player.

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