Best Cydia Apps for iPhone 4 That Techmaniacs Must Own With Pride

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Best Cydia Apps for iPhone 4

Let’s check out some of the best cydia apps for iPhone 4 and find out what they do to your beloved Apple gadget!

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, then you probably know all about cydia apps and their updates. For those who are recent iPhone owners, Cydia applications are software for the iOS which are used to jazz up your jail broken iPhone way beyond what its factory settings allow! Jailbreaking is the process by which users of Apple gadgets (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) get to unlock the operating systems of their gadgets and get root devices. Jailbreaking allows a user to access many such applications which he cannot avail of through the Apple App Store option. A jailbroken Apple gadget can still use App Store and iTunes features! Now, let us take a look at the top 10 cydia applications for iPhone 4.

Top 10 Cydia Applications for iPhone 4

Below are 10 best apps for iPhone4 that may be compatible with older versions of iPhone as well. Check these out and make sure to grab these must-have apps that you missed!

Wi-Fi Sync: This is one hell of a useful cydia app and deserves to be among 10 best cydia apps of all times! This application allows for seamless wireless synchronization with iTunes at just the touch of a button and completely rules out the use for any USB cable! To top it, the Wi-Fi Sync is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2007, besides Mac OS X 10.5/10.6. This application can be downloaded free from the website, getwifisync and is one of the best apps!

Xpandr: This one’s a wicked app which proves to be a real life saver during time crunches! Xpandr works as a shortcut expander for the iPhone and iPod Touch by enabling you to define n number of shortcuts, thereby, saving gallons of time that would, otherwise, be wasted in trekking long pathways to access your desired function!

Fast Photo Library: Now this is what I call a real sexy app! Want to quickly show of a picture to someone? Just assign an activation mode, say, a double tap on the status bar, and lo! You just launched the fast photo library! This can be launched from any application, even the lock screen! That’s definitely fast!

iReal SMS 3.0: Do you love your iPhone but hate its limited message application? In that case, the iReal SMS 3.0 application is just the thing for you! This app fills in for folder and draft options and comes equipped with such features as text-to-voice, QuickReply, QuickSend, Smileys, Templates, ContactPics, Search, Forward-via-Mail, Sent-Notifications, Privacy settings, Password Lock, Character Count, etc. One hell of a useful application, wouldn’t you say?

BTstack Keyboard: This app allows you to connect your gadget to a real Bluetooth keyboard and experience hands-open typing! This application supports all HID Bluetooth keyboards besides supporting basic iOS4 and iPad.

Fast Reader: The updated version of this app comes equipped with the following features:-

  • A new index allowing faster scrolling
  • Improved UI
  • Better management of errors for feeds
  • Cache optimization
  • It can fix certain bugs as well

In short, a very utilitarian application!

Infiniboard: This app turns your screens into superstars! The Infiniboard allows you to add any number of icons you feel like on each page and lets you access them with just a flick up or down! Best of all, respringing doesn’t mess up your icons’ arrangement and appearance!

HapticPro: This application is among some of the best free cydia apps which are capable of customizing haptic feedback for keyboard, keys and much more! This app comes with a settings pane for purpose of customizing activation sources, for triggering events and durations of vibration. Besides iPhone4, this app supports most other iPhone models.

Cylay: The Scotland Yard of iPhones, the Cylay is the pioneer among all anti-theft and security iPhone software! One of the best apps ever, this application allows you to successfully track your lost iPhone by supporting real time locate, locking and tracking functions. This application also supports iPod and iPad besides iPhone, including iPhone 4.

Firewall IP: As the name suggests, this cydia application enables you to block all outgoing connections. This app is equipped to hook into foreign applications and dispatches a warning to you if an application seeks to establish a connection with your device. It also shows you the hostname. It also gives you the option to either allow or deny any such connection, besides providing an option for port-specific blocking. This tool can also be used to block ads!

Some other apps to be considered for a jailbroken iPhone include MiWi, Kirikae, WinterBoard, Mcleaner, SBSettings, Intelliscreen, Infinifolder, iSmart Dialer, etc. Arm your iDevice with some of these top 10 best cydia apps for iPhone 4 and turn your gadget smarter than before! You can also download zillions of exciting cydia iPhone themes and completely change the way your smartphone looks! Take total advantage of these wickedly cool apps and stay ahead from the rest of the crowd!

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