Best Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 4

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Best Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 4

This article will tell you about some good options for a Bluetooth headset that are compatible with the iPhone 4. There are a number of choices to pick from, and the comfort and convenience that these headsets provide is undeniable.

Bluetooth headsets have been in demand as they make it a lot more convenient to have a conversation on the move. iPhones are some of the most expensive handsets out there, and many people buy them for their symbolic value. So, when people decide that they want to have a Bluetooth for their iPhone, they look for something that will complement their device.

Top Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone 4

Jawbone Era

Jawbone is one of the highest-selling Bluetooth devices and its new offering Jawbone Era has garnered positive reviews. It has introduced an accelerometer in the gadget which allows you to pair the device by shaking it four times, and tapping the device (when it is connected) twice will allow you to answer an incoming call. Another feature that has impressed most is that it can remember up to eight devices, out of which two can be connected simultaneously. The audio clarity is great, courtesy its wideband HD speaker. It is priced at $98 (Amazon) which is a fair price considering the features it has to offer.

Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd

Jawbone Icon HD + The Nerd is second on the list courtesy its HD quality audio and simultaneous A2DP multi-point capabilities. And all of you who are wondering what role does ‘Nerd’ play, well, it is just an audio adapter which acts as an automatic pairing device, making it easier for you to use the headset for taking calls on your laptop. The voice clarity is superb and the Nerd makes it relatively easy to receive calls. Some cons are that the Nerd is only available in the pack, that is, you can’t buy it separately. Also, at the price of $108 (Amazon), there certainly are better options to consider, like the Plantronics Voyager Pro +.

Plantronics Voyager Pro +

If you are someone who looks for substance over style, then Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus can very well be the headset for you. Its design may not impress all, but the audio quality on this headset is by far the best in this segment. Its long battery life ensures that it doesn’t die in the midst of that important call. It supports stereo Buletooth, and the music quality is commendable. Overall, a very good package if you don’t mind a bulky design. Priced at $74.50 (Amazon).

Jabra Easycall

Jabra is one of the leading manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets. Its range of headsets has been received well over the years and Easycall continues the legacy. The setup is easy and it pairs easily with the iPhone 4. Like other headset devices, it offers you the convenience of selecting the best-fitting earpiece which you can select from over four different sizes.

The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology ensures that the voice clarity is good even when you there are external disturbances. With a 6 hours of talk-time and 8 hours of standby, the battery life is among the best. A word of caution for music aficionados – the headset doesn’t support music playback, but you can always rely on your phone for that. It is strategically priced at $50 (Amazon), which makes it a value-for-money device.

When the iPhone 4 had just come into the market at first, many people complained that the Bluetooth pairing on it did not work well with headsets and other similar cell phone accessories. Constant disconnection was noticed, but Apple fixed this problem with their subsequent releases of iOS 4 updates. Today this is not a problem anymore, and even the new iPhone 4 that will work on Verizon will be work fine when paired with a Bluetooth headset.

The headsets can be bought from a number of sources, but if you want to get a feel of the weight and the look of the device, you can very well head off to a retail store. People who regularly drive and talk on the phone will find these Bluetooth headsets especially useful.

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