Best Android Widgets

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Best Android Widgets

If you are looking for the best Android widgets out there, this article is just what you need. Here, I have presented the most innovative ones of the whole lot.

The domain of Linux has extended to the mobile platform, with the launch of Android smartphones. It is the best mobile OS to hit the market in recent times. The best thing about Android phones is the huge variety of software applications that you can run on them. As of now, you can choose from more than 100,000 applications, which have been made available in the Android market. This includes a range of productivity and entertainment applications, widgets, and games.

Best Widgets on Android

The power of a mobile OS platform is tested by the kind of applications that can be run on it. Not only are Android-based phones smoother in operation, compared to most other mobile operating systems, they offer better multitasking functionality. Recognizing the needs of the modern user, a range of Android applications have been developed. There are games, productivity applications, and there are widgets, which make your life simpler.


If you are a regular Twitter user, what you need is the Twidroyd widget. It lets you post your tweets on the go and keep track of the Twitterati, whom you follow.

Android Agenda

If you need a widget that can keep track and remind you, of your upcoming meetings and provide a reference calendar too, what you need is the Android Agenda widget.


One of the things that you need to think about, when using your smartphone is the battery life. The BatteryLife widget keeps track of the amount of charge that remains on your phone battery. It is very handy.

Data Counter

With 3G and 4G Internet connections available on Android smartphones, what one needs is a widget that can keep track of the amount of data, that is downloaded or uploaded by the phone. That is exactly what ‘Data Counter’ can do for you. You can keep track of your net usage, using this application.

Pure Grid Calendar

If you are in need of a calendar reference, what you need is the Pure grid calendar widget. Keep track of days, using this calendar application.

Snowstorm Weather

In winter, it helps if you can have the latest snowstorm forecasts for your region. You can have them delivered directly to your Android smartphone, using the Snowstorm Weather widget.

HTC Weather and Clock

If you need to know the weather updates, the best one to opt for is the HTC weather and clock widget.

Stock Android

Are you investing in the stock market? Then you will need the stock Android widget, which can provide you with the latest information regarding stock market developments.

Post It Desk Widget

Do you keep forgetting stuff all the time, like me? Then the Post It Desk widget is just for you. In the form of a stick note graphic, it stays on the screen, with a list of tasks that you can add, on a daily basis. Install this one and forget about forgetting stuff.


If you would like to convert your Android smartphone into an Internet radio station, what you need is the Pandora widget. This one provides you with direct access to Pandora Internet radio, which serves you with music, that is chosen according to your favorite genre. With this one, you can tune in and listen to your favorite artists, any time on the go. If you are a music lover, this widget is recommended installation.

So, these were some of the best widgets that you simply must get installed on your smartphone. With their addition, you can truly harness the power that your smartphone presents at your disposal. As far as Android applications are concerned, this is only the beginning. In the coming years, as smartphone technology evolves and Android platform improves, we can expect the applications to be even more powerful. Make sure that you check out some of the above Android apps and install them on your phone.

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