Best Android eBook Reader

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Best Android eBook Reader

Android is the fastest growing mobile OS around right now, and developers of eBooks and eReaders have recognized the need to create special applications that can be used on this platform. There are several options of eBook readers that are available on Android, and here are some of the very best.

Android smartphones and tablets have really taken the mobile computing world by storm in the last two years, and one of the biggest reasons for this is the large number of web based applications and great games that are available for the platform. The popularity of the platform has led to a greater number of developers creating apps and games for it, and this has in turn enhanced the popularity further, so this is an endless cycle that is now well and truly in place. Though the Android Market still trails the Apple App Store in terms of sheer number of apps, it is also true that the best apps are now available on both platforms for the benefit of users.

It was inevitable that this surge in the popularity of Android would coincide with that of eBooks in today’s world. An eBook is an electronic version of a book that can be read on a mobile phone, a computer, a tablet or a standalone eBook reader, and such publications are severely threatening the realm of the publishing industry on a whole. The convenience of carrying around several thousand eBooks on one electronic device and accessing them anywhere is something that is loved by many readers from all around the world, and there are several other features that have also made eBooks widely popular. The Amazon Kindle was the device that sparked the eBook revolution into place and it was only a matter of time before such services and eBooks became available on the Android platform.

Top Android eBook Readers 2011

Developers for Android soon started creating applications that allow one to access large databases of eBooks, purchase them and read them over the Android platform. Amazon itself launched a Kindle app for Android and this soon led to many other similar apps invading the Android Market as well. You may already be aware that Amazon’s Kindle is the best reader for Android, but here are some other worthwhile options as well.

Sr. No. eBook Reader Application Description
1 Amazon Kindle The Amazon bookstore is one of the largest and most extensive that you will find, and this app for Android gives you the ability to buy various eBooks and then access them from multiple platforms. The app is available for free in the Market and it is very easy to install and gain membership too. The syncing between this app and other Kindle app platforms is absolutely superb, and you can start reading your eBook from wherever you left off, no matter where you are.
2 Barnes & Noble Nook The Nook, released by Barnes & Noble is the one standalone reader that has given the Kindle a run for its money, and the B&N bookstore is no slouch either. This app is available for free as well, and it also enables you to enjoy lending features from public libraries that offer eBooks in the famous ePub formats, something which the Kindle does not support. However, many people claim that this app still needs a lot of work for the Android platform before it can challenge the Kindle and the Aldiko app.
3 Aldiko eReader This app is famous because it comes pre-installed on many Android based smartphones, especially ones manufactured by Samsung. The features available on this app are pretty impressive, but you can only access eBooks that have passed the 50 year copyright timeline. The limited choice of eBooks is something that majorly works in Aldiko’s disadvantage. The app is available for free, but a premium version worth $2.99 is also available.
4 Laputa eReader There are a number of third party eBook databases that Laputa has access to, and this results in plentiful choices for the reader. In addition to this, all of these eBooks are free of cost as well. The online catalogs that Laputa accesses includes the famous Gutenberg Project amongst others, and this is definitely one of the most good looking and eye-catching eBook readers that you will locate in the Android Market.
5 FBReader This is another free eBook reader available on Android and it is becoming increasingly popular due to its helpful features. When there are so many similar readers available, minor differences in features and services can become major influences in buyers minds. ePub formats are also supported on this reader. However, the catalogs of eBooks that can be accessed are limited, and this is something that will never change.
6 Sony eReader Here is another well reputed eBook reader that had to turn its attention to the Android world sooner or later, and it is also available for free. Unfortunately, this app will only run on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher so there are some people who will miss out. Popular formats are easily supported, and you will be syncing with the Android browser in order to access the catalogs of eBooks that you can purchase or take for free.
7 Kobo eReader A lot of people prefer the Kobo app for various reasons. It looks good, it is low on space and memory requirements, it supports multiple formats, it allows cross-platform reading, it is free of cost and it provides access to a good collection of eBooks on the Kobo Library and the Borders eBook Store as well. This is a must have app for any individual who likes his eBooks from any place that he can get them.

Most of them are completely free of charge, while the paid ones would require a small amount to be paid for the same purpose. Here are some more eReader apps that Android users can opt for.

  • Android Chm eBook Reader
  • Android Txt eBook Reader
  • Borders eReader
  • Captionary eBook Viewer
  • Chaek
  • Cool Reader
  • Droid Comic Viewer
  • Inktera eBook Store
  • iReader
  • iSilo
  • Matano Reader
  • MultiReader
  • RepliGo Reader

Most of these apps also provide access to magazines, newspapers, other publications and some even provide access to comics that are available in the digital format as well. Whichever reader you choose, you will have many great features to utilize and also a large database of eBooks to choose from as well.

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