Best Android Apps for Kids

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Best Android Apps for Kids

Are you looking forward to find some of the best free Android apps for kids? The following article will cover some really good Android apps for kids that are not only entertaining and fun, but also educative.

There is a growing trend seen, where kids are the ones who know more about the latest smart phone features than the parents. I am sure that when you get home a mobile phone, your kid comes running over to you asking, ‘what games does this phone have?’ And with many app stores available, you wish to download the best for your kids to play. The Android Market is taking the world by storm and giving iPhone Apple Store a tough competition. There are many good Android apps for kids that you can think about downloading and installing on your latest smart phone. The following list will cover some of ‘the best’ Android apps for kids.

Android Apps for Kids

Android apps store has something for everyone at all times. There are many apps for kids available in the Android Market. You can search for them in the various categories available like games, education, etc. You will find a really big collection of hundreds of apps that will confuse you about which one is worth installing on your phone. We will make things easy for you.

Kids Alphabet

Price: Free (Full Version: $1.49)
This is a great game for kids in the age group of 2 to 3 years. It helps provide a letter and an example word on each flashcard. When the kid clicks on the image, a sound effect will appear that will help the kid associate the sound to the image and the image in turn to the alphabet. If the kid clicks on the word, one can hear it spell the word and letter as well. You can even ‘find a letter’ or ‘write a word’. It’s a fun way to teach your child to recognize alphabets, words associated with it as well teach kids English, in case English is not your first language.


Price: $1.99
This is a Word Game that will help kids build up their vocabularies. This game has a poultry theme that is not only educative, but fun. There are many levels to play, some timed and some untimed. You can even share the game between kids and help them learn to create words from just a few letters available. What’s more, if your teen gets hooked on to this game, he/she can even post their scores on Facebook!

Kids Connect the Dots Lite

Price: Free
You may remember your childhood days, where you spent hours connecting the dots. It was fun and one would come up with a mystery image once the connection was complete. Preschoolers will find this game absolutely fun as well as educative. They will learn numbers as well as alphabets as they go on connecting the dots.

Fruit Ninja

Price: Free
Fruit Ninja is an easy game where the kid needs to chop down a flying fruit. No, please do not worry, the game won’t teach a kid to turn on the violence factor. It is a fun game where the kid needs to use his or her finger as a sword and cut down fruits. It teaches kids more about fruits and their names. Nothing is violent in the game, only just that fruit juice gets splattered across. Kids will learn a few tidbits about the fruit from the trivia posted between the rounds. However, the game is connected to OpenFeint. This is an online community that helps the players post their high scores and even add other players as ‘friends’. They can even exchange messages and thus, one can speak to a total stranger. If you are downloading this app, make sure you do not opt in for OpenFeint in order to protect your child as well as privacy.

Maths Workout Lite

Price: Free
This is one of the best Android apps for kids that helps them train their mind. It can even be used by adults to keep their brain sharp. The kid learns to add, subtract, multiply as well as divide. They need to solve the maths problems as quickly as they can. Encourage your kids to fall in love with the monster called Mathematics with this wonderful game.

Spaghetti and Marshmallows

Price: $2.30
This is a fun game with a playful theme related to physics. Yes, physics – the subject dreaded by many. This is a building game based on the principles of physics. The kid needs to use marshmallows and sticks of raw spaghetti and build towers. These towers should be high enough to reach a particular target. It promotes strategic thinking in kids and helps them use concepts of weight and gravity.

Doodle Jump

Price: $0.99
This is an insane game for kids aged 8 years and above. This is a jumping game where the kid needs to tilt the device according to the Doodler. They need to help the Doodler jump over platforms and avoid crashing into logs or spiraling downwards to Earth. They need to jump their way to the top. This is a never-ending game, which will keep the kids engrossed for hours. It’s very good for teaching kids hand and eye coordination.

AniWorld Lite

Price: Free
This is a great game to teach your kids to love all animals. It is perfect for kids in the age group of 1 to 5 years. This game will help the kids to learn names of different animals. They can even pet a particular animal and even feed the hungry ones. It’s a cute game for those with a soft corner for animals.

iStory Books

Price: Free
It is very difficult to get kids, nowadays, to sit and read a book. But what if your mobile phone turned into a talking picture book? Well, you can download iStory Books on your phone. It is a free story book that contains pictures, text as well as audio. You can add or delete books from your library and the parent section is protected. A new book is added to the list every two weeks so that you can keep your kid’s library up-to-date.

Kid’s Finger Paint

Price: $0.99
Find a hidden Picasso in your kid with this app. This is a paint app where the kids are given a black screen to add colors as per their wish. It allows your kids to draw whatever they like and add colors, all with the help of a fingertip. Once they finish, they can start with a new one, by clearing the old picture by just shaking the phone.

These were some of the best Android apps for kids, a must for every phone. There are plenty of other good Android apps for kids, but these sure are worth every dime you spend. Educative, entertaining and interactive, these games will keep your kids busy as well as they will learn new stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, log into your Android Market account and get these apps today.

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