Best 37-inch LCD TVs

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Best 37-inch LCD TVs

The 37-inch LCD TVs have become very popular recently. Choosing the best one is better said than done. Hopefully, the reviews laid out in this article will prove to be of help.

Have you decided to catch up with the latest trend and want to upgrade to an LCD TV, before you make a progression to plasma TV? The 37-inch versions have become very popular because of the comfort of viewing that they offer. There wasn’t much of a difference between the 28-inch and the 32-inch TVs, but it is not the same with a 37-inch TV. It has an impressive size, but yet does not dominate the living room totally. It is also perfect for living rooms which are rather small in size.


It is important to note that a 37-inch LCD TV cannot be used to make a home theater; however, you can use it to make a theater of a smaller size, but it is ideal for a small gathering of friends and family. One can enjoy a movie or a sporting event on this TV with great comfort.

LG 37LH55 37 inch 1080p LCD TV

This TV gets great reviews. It uses 240 Hz TruMotion technology, which eliminates motion blur and gives fast motion clarity. It comes with an intelligent sensor, which is automatically able to optimize the picture according to the lighting conditions in the room, due to which the person watching the TV has a great watching experience. It has a Full HD 1080p resolution that gives enhanced and superior picture quality. It has a picture wizard that is useful in self-calibration for picture adjustment.

Samsung 37 inch 720p LCD TVs

If you are looking for a TV under 500, then this is the best bet. There is SRS TruSurround technology used in this TV, which gives immersible, feature-rich surround sound experience from the two speakers, along with rich bass and high frequency detail, as well as clear dialog. One can see smoother motion action scenes with this TV. It has a built-in digital tuner, game mode, as well as 6ms response, which is the pixel response time. It is the time required for a pixel to refresh itself to go from the active to the inactive state. Lower the number of milliseconds, faster is the response time. It is ENERGY STAR-compliant, which means you will not only save on the cost, but you will also save on the energy bills as well.

Viore LC37VF55 1080p LCD HDTV

This model is under 600, which provides full HD 1080p performance. The native resolution of the TV is 1920 X 1080 and has a wide screen, which is able to give a total home theater experience. It has a super high quality picture, along with high brightness, which gives vivid and brilliant picture with high contrast. It comes with an ATSC TV tuner, which is best for integrated-over-the-air HDTV broadcast. The 2 HDMI inputs ensure that video as well as audio digital signals are transferred without any kind of degradation from any kind of receptors. The VGA port in the TV makes it convenient to be used as a computer monitor.

Choosing the best 37-inch television from the wide range of models available in the market can be a big task in itself. At the same time, the different features offered by each one of them make it all the more difficult to choose the right one for most of us. Look at the features of each, decide which of them are you looking for, and then buy one accordingly.

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