Benefits of HDMI Cables

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Benefits of HDMI Cables

For every new electronic gadget you buy, there’s HDMI mentioned on the package. What exactly is the use of HDMI cable, and what are its benefits? Boogie down to know the many HDMI cable benefits and advantages.

The only interface to be industry-supported, High-Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is an AV interface that is brought into use for transmitting uncompressed digital data. For analog standards, HDMI cables prove to be a terrific digital alternative for they have both video and audio interface in a single cord, instead of a whole bunch of others. Not to forget, they’re the best cables available for High-Definition Multimedia devices such as DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, personal computers, video game consoles, video projectors, and televisions.

Given the brouhaha about HDMI cables in almost every newfangled device that hits the tech market, users are skeptical about their performance and benefits. For those who’re clueless about why exactly are HDMI cables given such attention, this write-up has been framed. Everything you want to know about the many advantages of HDMI cables is pitched in below.

Benefits of Using HDMI Cables

  • The first benefit of HDMI cables is that they transfer uncompressed digital audio and video for the highest image quality. To get the best resolution, you should choose Category 2 HDMI cables – High Speed Cables, which have been tested to 340 MHz, and include resolutions such as 1080p60 and 2160p30, much more than Category 1 cables – Standard Cables, which offer resolutions such as 720p60 and 1080i60.
  • Another advantage of HDMI cables is that they have backward compatibility with earlier interfaces such as DVI. All one requires is a cable that connects DVI with HDMI. No other interface enables this feature.
  • HDMI cables are extremely cost-effective as they provide quality and easy functionality of a digital interface for as less as $25, at which you can enjoy a 1080p resolution. Those HDMI cables that support HDMI 1.3, and are Category 2 cables are the most cost-effective, and support uncompressed video formats. Depending upon the length of the cable you require, prices vary. However, they’re extremely low in comparison to other analogous cables.
  • One of the major positives of HDMI cables is that they replace the maze of cables behind your device by a single cable. Many devices require multiple cables for different channels in their AV systems. However, HDMI combines both video and audio into one cable, and therefore, not only does it reduce the complexity and confusion of multitudinous cables, it automatically becomes cost-effective, as now, you just need to pay for a single cable!
  • HDMI cable renders digital interface unlike analog interfaces which first require digital-to-analog conversions or vice-versa, thus, leading to degradation of signals. While in an analog interface, the signal is first converted into analog, sent to the display unit, and then converted back into digital, just so it can be displayed. The unnecessary conversion degrades signal’s quality, and leads to distortion in the output. With digital interface provided by the DMI technology, the signal stays digital all through its transmission, and hence, stays strong all the way.
  • HDMI cables are extremely fast in transmitting signals, in comparison to their analogous counterparts. Even a basic HDMI cable can carry at least 5 GB per second, which ensures a rather quick signal transmission. What’s more, HDMI cables carry almost double the bandwidth required for High-Definition which secures their place in technological advancements lined up for the future.
  • When it comes to talking about picture and sound quality, there is no match for HDMI cables which offer deep colors that are 30 bit, 36 bit, and 48 bit. On the other hand, for the very reason that no signal is converted or distorted while transmitted, sound quality is superb without any interference of noise, unlike DVIs. Check out the interesting Techspirited article on the differences between DVI and HDMI that enlist all features that make HDMI a winner all the way!

Such are the various HDMI cables’ benefits over their counterparts. Being all digital, they’re a perfect fit for today’s highly technological devices. Without a doubt, HDMI cables have secured their stand for usage in all developments that the world of technology witnesses in the near future.

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