7 Awesome Alternatives to Groupon

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Groupon is a wonderful site to pick up discount coupons for your many shopping needs. However, owing to its humungous popularity, discount coupons are all gobbled up within minutes of going on sale. This Techspirited article lists some amazing alternatives to Groupon that are just as good.

Did You Know?
According to popular site Technoduce, as of December 2013, there are more than 9 million users of Groupon’s mobile app.

Whether we admit it or not, the truth is that we all love freebies! Little wonder then that retailers try to cash in on our perpetual quest to make a saving on any and everything with some rather smart pricing. So, while something priced at USD 100 might sell a handful of units, a price tag of USD 99.99 seems a lot more appealing to potential buyers. While you might not quite make a huge saving on these slyly-priced products, there is a place where your dream of discounts on any and everything actually do come true.

Groupon is probably every shopper’s delight. Think of the site as one that does charity for you, me, and everyone! It offers discount coupons for a range of products, right from food to cars. The popularity of this site is a double-edged sword, really, with most of the best deals picked up within minutes. The good news is that there are many sites similar to Groupon that offer deals as good or, at times, even better than it. Here’s a look at these sites where you stand to make an absolute steal on goods and services.

Alternatives to Groupon

The site has a very simple, yet engaging layout. Users are greeted by a sign in page, wherein the user can either log in to his/her existing account, or select his location and provide his email address to register. Offers are presented as thumbnails with a relevant image of the product/service and the value of the coupon. The most recent offers are displayed on top, just by the side of the extensive category list. The search tool on LivingSocial lets you search for a product/service according to location.
Website: LivingSocial

8coupons is a very interesting site that brings in the best deals from around town. The site compiles and lists the best deals from Groupon, Scoutmob, GiltCity, LivingSocial, and the website Restaurant. You can sign in using your existing account on the site, or look for deals once you provide your email id and zip code. You can even select offers from an interactive map which displays all the deals in a particular area.
Website: 8coupons

This is a great site for people looking for offers on gadgets and electronic goods. There is a long list of categories to choose from, right from travel packages to pet products. The most popular deals pop up on top, while you can use the search tool to pick the product/service of your choice by location.
Website: Tippr

Seize the Deal
This is the perfect site for foodies looking for a great bargain at their favorite eating joints. Once you select your location, you are presented with a list of offers with a brief about the savings you stand to make. While the site does not have the longest list of deals, it sure has some real good ones. There’s also the option for users to bid for certain items on the site. Offers can be sorted according to location, and the handy search tool helps you get to your product/service faster.
Website: Seize the Deal

A simple non-cluttered website, HomeRun lets users look for the best deals available in their area. It has some great exclusive offers, especially for cosmetics and fashion accessories. The lack of a site-wide search tool though is a bummer.
Website: HomeRun

Yipit is probably one of the most organized discount sites out there. Once you register on the site with your email address and your location, you’re directed to a page that lets you choose the avenues that interest you. There are six categories to choose from, with their own subcategories which you can simply click on to select. Once you pick a nickname for yourself and type in your zip code, you are greeted by a long list of offers related to your choices. Offers from various other discount sites are also listed here.
Website: Yipit

Fab is a Mecca for anyone looking for great deals on home accessories and furniture. The site has a very clean and uncluttered UI and has a very intuitive layout. Products and services are broadly divided into 7 categories. Placing your mouse on any of these category tabs reveals a drop-down list of other subcategories for you to choose from. By default, the best offers from each category are displayed as scrollable thumbnails with a synopsis of the offer. The search tool on the site is great, and is almost always right on the money when it comes to pulling up a relevant search.
Website: Fab

Armed with these fabulous discount sites, you can go on your shopping spree guilt-free. While, these might not stop the lightening of your wallet, they will surely help lighten the burden. So happy shopping, or should I say happy savings! Cheers.

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