Augmented Reality Games for iPhone

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Augmented Reality Games for iPhone

This reality takes you by storm with its next-gen technology features and awesome graphics. Take a look at the best augmented reality games for your iPhone, and take a step ahead in gaming!

Just when you thought there wasn’t a life beyond Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, gaming mongers come up with augmented reality – a technology that fuses interactive digital data into your environment. So now, when you say ‘Shoot’, you can feel the machine guns loading behind you, bombardments happening right in front of you, and people running here and there for refuge. No, seriously. This is the main aim of a slew of augmented reality games that promise to leave you bemused with their classic graphics and usage.

What’s more, if you have an iPhone… oh, dude! You have an iPhone to experience it all on. Trust me, your life ceases on augmented reality gaming the moment you download these apps in the form of games for the iPhone. So, for the purpose of this article, we’ve got you the five best iPhone games dedicated to this mind-blowing technology, that turn your world upside down, giving you a 3D effect and amazing sound quality. Feel the thump in real, every time you tap and swipe your iPhone.

Best AR Games for iPhone

AR Soccer

Always wished you could play soccer, but the most you could do was play the video game? Here, you have an opportunity to play AR Soccer, a free augmented reality game that utilizes your iPhone’s camera. When your camera is pointed at your feet, you will see a ball. All you need to do is kick it on the surface you’re walking. Well, that’s how you play AR soccer. Yes, it doesn’t really suffice for the real soccer, but what the heck? Virtual reality is not that bad.

Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary

Reading the name, you could either give a quick laugh over it, or could shriek. Acknowledged as one of the most sought-after AR games, Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary allows you to look for ghosts and hell holes in real life, by bringing into use some of the most cliched tips, that may, in reality, be a life savior. You get to see the ghost activities through maps, and experience the various effects of the same, all thanks to the virtual reality that makes this game all the more real. Get ready for some sleepless nights with this game.

Caution: Don’t play this game right before sleeping. Chances are, not that you wouldn’t be able to sleep, but you’d be hooked to it for the night, and get up late!

Parallel Kingdom

This game brings into use your GPS location, and places you into a virtual world, where you can avail features such as a virtual aid to the player, level up your character (the person you’re playing, not your self-esteem), message other players, bartering, etc. To experience real augmented reality, this game is worth a try, only because it’s free of cost! It’s a great multi-player game, and wins over many single-player games of similar genre.

Sky Siege

Transform your calm, subtle environment into a battleground with Sky Siege, which is a total ‘Guy’ game. If you’re fond of AK-47s, machine guns, and lots of bombardments, this game is your pick of the day. With its killer 3D graphics, it lets you enter the world of mayhem and experience it all from all directions. Even though it doesn’t come for free right now (you need to pay $2.99 to download it), this game is worth a try. And when you like it, you won’t mourn over the three bucks you had to give away for this one!

Ghost-Bastards AR

Yeah, you guessed it right! On the lines of Ghostbusters, this game is created to find out all the good and evil spirits you’re surrounded with. Okay, I barely have an idea whether they’re true or not, but yes, this game does show you some cartoon ghosts, that you may not be able to see with the naked eye. However, once you turn this app on, you can see them all on your phone. So, serve humanity by shoving the evil spirits away, all with the help of this awesome AR game for your iPhone.

Seems to me, your appetite for AR games for the iPhone doesn’t seem to be surfeited, and hence, here goes another list of some more AR games to download on your Apple device, so that you can get more and more of the augmented reality that these applications, in the form of games, offer. Take a look at some more:

  • iPew
  • TagDis
  • The Hidden Park
  • Parrot AR. Drone
  • ARDefender
  • Star Wars Arcade
  • SpecTrek
  • Firefighter 360
  • Dimension Invaders

Feel a part of the real world, even while playing a virtual game. AR games make it extremely easy for you to play every game for real, even when in reality, it’s not. Reality? Or no reality? Wait a minute, what am I saying? I’m confused, and so, here I conclude. You understood what I meant, right?

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