6 Apps Like Snapchat

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6 Apps Like Snapchat

If you love clicking crazy selfies and sharing them with all your close friends as much as we do, without wanting to worry about misuse of such images, Snapchat has always been your go-to app. But for a number of issues, a lot of us are deeming this app unsafe! If you are looking for other apps as an alternative to Snapchat, here are some that you could check out.

Did You Know

Half of all the photos taken in a day, the world over, are taken via Snapchat!

Click an embarrassing selfie, add a mustache and a pair of horns, or may be you had a crazy sleepover with your buddies and you managed to capture some hilarious videos while burning the midnight oil with your buddies. We agree it’s no fun if you can’t share this stuff with everyone else, but how do you make sure nobody misuses them?

This is where Snapchat comes to our rescue. Snapchat has revolutionized the world of messaging with its one-of-a-kind idea, wherein a user could share his or her photos, videos, or messages with other users, and the shared pic or video would disappear within ten seconds. In the wake of the hack of Snapchat, back in 2013, users are a bit skeptical about using this app. Every time we send a selfie, most of us definitely pause for a second before they send it.

If you’re not comfortable with using Snapchat anymore, here are some instant messengers with a self-vanishing feature that are available in both Android and iOS operating system that you could use.

Apps Like Snapchat


This is a good alternative for Snapchat as it allows you to share photos, messages, audios, and videos with other users. You can set a timer for messages and other files, after which, they’re destroyed permanently. Messages are coded with several layers of encryption to provide maximum privacy. It also secures your address book. In addition, it has different photo filters, stickers, and graffiti that can be added to messages. It prevents other users from taking unwanted screenshots. It also has the feature of groupchats where you could connect with up to ten people at once.
Website: Wickr


If you’re looking for a break from Snapchat, here is an app that can help you do just that. You could share messages, videos, audios, and photos with other users. Its user interface is pretty simple and user-friendly and allows users to delete messages by simply sliding them to the left. It deletes your messages automatically five seconds after they are viewed. It prevents users from taking unwanted screenshots, but causing their screens to black out (iPhone feature), and sends you a message of it automatically.
Website: Clipchat


Just like Snapchat, Yovo is a photo-messaging app that allows you to send images to other Yovo users. You could add text to your photos, or cover up part of your photo with a blur. You can set the viewing time from 1 second to 24 hours, just to make sure that the viewer gets a good look of the image. Here comes the best part, Yovo has a unique D-fence privacy filter that scrambles all unwanted screenshots.
Website: Yovo

Cyber Dust

This app has a feature that deletes the message thirty seconds after it has been viewed. This app also detects when a screenshot of your message has been taken. You could also pin the text messages for yourself only for later reference. It has other features like blast message and blast location, where you could share a message, photo, or your location with all your friends. With this app, you could make your messages more fun by adding a few texts (with different fonts) on photos, add stickers, animated gifs, etc.
Website: Cyber Dust


This app aims to be the off-the-record messaging app for businesses. It allows you to send messages, photos, and even documents in a PDF form to other users. It also gives you a notification when your message is read. Once the message is received, you need to wand over the words with your finger to read them. And once you have read them, these messages disappear for good. This feature also helps to prevent a complete screenshot of the file being sent, it also sends you a notification about the screenshot being taken.
Website: Confide

Burn Note

Just like the other alternatives for Snapchat, messages sent on Burn Note too can be viewed for a limited time only, after which it gets destroyed permanently. Just like Confide, this app also allows you to take screenshot where only a part of the message will be available, it also informs the sender of a screenshot being taken as well. What makes this app unique is that you don’t need to download the app or create an account to use it, all you need to do is access the site as a guest to read and respond to a message. The app version of this messenger, also has a feature that allows you to send messages via SMS.
Website: Burn Note

You don’t need to use Snapchat anymore, just download any of these apps and click away into a selfie frenzy!

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