An Explanation of the Types of Application Software With Examples

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Application Software Examples

There are many types of computer software, like testware, firmware, system software, middleware, etc. The article below gives you some examples of application software.

A collection of computer programs along with required data is known as a computer software, commonly known as ‘software’. The computer programs are commands, which instruct the computer about the steps it has to take to complete a particular task. Sometimes, when a narrower term may be used to refer to computer software, it is the application software. It helps the user execute either a single or a multitude of tasks.

The different types of application software include database, multimedia, word processing software, etc. These software manipulate text, graphics, and sounds. Some of these are dedicated only to a particular type of task, while there are others which perform a multitude of tasks.

Types of Application Software

A number of applications put together make an application software. These applications have common features, functions, and user interface. Thus, they are able to interact with each other and work in tandem.

Enterprise Resource Planning software: These software help in taking care of the different organizational needs. They are often used in a large business setup.

Content Access software: It is used for accessing different kind of content without making any changes to it. An exception in this kind of software is the software used for editing the content itself. The content access software are useful for people in the field of digital content.

Educational software: These software are made according to the need of the students and the educators. Some of the activities included in these software are mock tests, assignments, progress tracking, etc.

Collaborative software: These are often internet-based software, which involve the use of more than 1 person.

Enterprise Infrastructure software: It supports the software systems in an organization. Normally, the different databases, email servers, etc., are included under this category.

Media Development software: These software are used by people in both the print and the digital software. They can also be used in educational institutions along with commercial setups.


Application Suite

Microsoft Office, iWork, Open Office, etc., are examples of application suite, as they come bundled with a number of applications like the word processor, spreadsheet, etc.

Enterprise Resource Software

There are different kinds of software that come under the category. The examples are customer relationship management software, financial software, medical billing software, departmental software, time management software, IT Helpdesk software, church management software, manufacturing software, etc.

Content Access Software

Most of us have certainly used this kind of software. As a matter of fact, web browsers are nothing but content access software. The other examples are media players, help browsers, etc.

Educational Software

The most commonly used educational software are the learning management software, training software, reference software (like encyclopedia, etc.), and language learning software. Classroom management software are made with the tutor in mind.

Collaborative Software

The examples of collaborative software are emails, blogs, Wikipedia, etc.

Enterprise Infrastructure Software

This includes the different database management, document management, workflow management, digital asset management, project management, property management, etc.

Media Development Software

Animation, desktop publishing, HTML editing software, etc., are some of the examples under this category.

It is evident that these software have simplified a number of tasks for a customer. At the same time, you can see that these software have been helpful for harnessing the computing power to complete numerous individual or organizational tasks. The application software interacting with number of users has also become easier, which has paved the way for revolution in the field of communication.

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