Apple iPad mini 3 – Rumor Roundup

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Apple iPad mini 3 - Rumor Roundup

Apple is all set to welcome the latest in the lineup of iPads, the iPad mini 3. This Techspirited article brings you all the latest news and rumors about the iPad mini 3.

Rumored Release Date of the iPad mini 3
According to rumors, the new generation of the iPad mini is expected to be launched in spring 2014.

The phenomenal success of Apple over the years can be attributed to its uncanny ability to understand the market, and generate a desire among customers to want an Apple product which they would otherwise not even consider buying. A shining example of this is the iPad. There was the smartphone to use on the go, and the computer for a more large-screen experience. The iPad somehow carved out a niche for itself out of thin air, and now, the whole world wants one! And then, came the iPad mini to take on the phablets.

After a lukewarm start, the sales of Apple’s 7 incher picked up after the introduction of the iPad mini with Retina display. With the second generation mini barely a few months old, rumors have already surfaced of an even greater and awe-inspiring successor. The mini tablet may be called the New iPad mini, the iPad mini 3, iPad mini Air, or the iPad min 2 (the second generation iPad mini was simply called iPad mini with Retina display). Here’s a look at all the rumors and speculations surrounding Apple’s next iPad mini.

Rumored Features and Specifications of Apple iPad mini 3

Design and Construction
Apple seem to have hit the sweet spot with the 7.9-inch mini. The design of the tablet is unlikely to change by much, with people taking a liking to the premium build quality of the previous generation minis. We might see a thinner waist for the device, along with very little bezel around the screen. The one major change that is expected, is the introduction of the fingerprint scanner in the Home button, much on the lines of the iPhone 5s. A leaked image that surfaced on popular tech site nowhereelse further substantiates this claim, although the uploader has maintained that he does not know the source of the image. Considering the fact that the size of the Home button on the 5s and the mini are almost identical, the fingerprint scanner may well find its way on to the new mini. The mini would also retain the goodness of Retina, and might actually push it up a notch. 

If the phenomenal performance of the second generation mini got your heart racing, then the latest mini might well give it a nitro boost. The A7 processor was no mean slack, but there have been talks in hushed tones of an even mightier beast with twice as much bite as the A7, believed to be in the works. The A8 might be an absolute quad-core beast, out to decimate the opposition. 2 GB of RAM may also be thrown into the mix to make the deal even sweeter. There have also been talks of the base model being bumped up to 32 GB, at around the same price as the launch price of the last-gen mini. For all the budding photographers out there, the mini might bring in a brand new 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP camera up front.

iOS received a major makeover with its 7th iteration. This update was very well received by the masses, and saw the entire UI being overhauled. The new iPad mini might have a swanky new iOS 8 on board, although we doubt if it would be more than a few cosmetic changes and tweaks to iOS 7.

The original iPad mini and its Retina-rich sibling have been quite popular with the masses, but they both have the same Achilles heel―battery life. While the second generation of the mini brought in a marginal increase in the battery life, it still didn’t quite match up to the Android powerhouses. Though, there has been no word about the battery on the new iPad mini, we are quietly optimistic about seeing a beefier battery on the latest mini.

The latest iPad mini should cost about 399 USD for the base model, much like the pricing of the current iPad mini with Retina display. As the iPad mini has proved, its name is most certainly a misnomer as it packs quite a massive punch. This couldn’t be more true considering the rumors surrounding the amazing specs of the next iPad mini in line. At this point, these are purely speculations, but we will keep you posted as more information surfaces. Whatever the final specifications of the device, one thing is for certain, the mini would undoubtedly be crucial to further establish the dominance of the brand that totally glamorized the otherwise humble apple. Cheers.

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