Adobe Captivate 5 Review

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Adobe Captivate 5 Review

Is this adobe captivate version as captivating as it claims to be? Let’s sail through the following Adobe Captivate 5 review to find out!

Adobe Captivate, as most of us are aware, is an electronic learning software from Microsoft and its widespread use can be seen for a large number of e-education purposes – authoring of software demonstrations and branched scenarios, simulation of software, creating randomized quizzes in .swf file format, etc. The latest in the Adobe Captivate bandwagon, Captivate 5 comes equipped with such premium features as a brand new graphical user interface, in-built animation effects, enhanced support for MS PowerPoint, better video embedding and control options, object styles and master slides. It was released mid year in 2010, marking its release date as the 5th of July, 2010. Let’s now, get down to some actual users’ reviews of Captivate 5. The following review would help you see if this new version is as captivating as it promises to be!

User Reviews of Adobe Captivate 5

The following review is collated from actual user experience with this e-learning tool. Based on such real-time feedback, following are what users say about this new extension to the Captivate family:-

  • Captivate 5 works great power with its ability to boost design capabilities of MS PowerPoint.
  • Previous Captivate versions did not allow you to import video and have it span across several slides but the new Captivate 5 comes with a default setting that distributes imported video across several slides. Along with this, the new version enables you to synchronize the entire footage using the Edit Video Time feature.
  • Captive 5 has the capability of capturing screen activity as static slides in conjunction with foreground animation. This recreates cursor movements and entry of text. This way, you consume smaller bandwidth coupled with the ability to generate automatic caption with higher ability to edit.
  • Captivate 5 supports multiple open documents. It also comes equipped with a central properties panel which enables you to manage all slides and slide elements parameters.
  • The brand new, totally overhauled interface is refreshing!
  • Unlike its earlier versions, the Captivate 5 is written from scratch, ruling out the older versions’ tendency to carry over some characteristic bugs and technological jinxes.
  • The Captivate 5 is available for windows as well as Mac and can be procured directly from Adobe or resellers. The standalone version is available for approximately USD 880 and an upgrade is available for existing users for approximately USD 380. If purchased as part of Adobe’s e-learning package, it would cost you approximately USD 2, 300.
  • The Adobe Captivate 5 works good alongside other Creative Suite products as well!
  • What’s new in Captivate 5 is its rich animation effects and master slides options.
  • One great thing about this version is that it incorporates in-context learner collaboration with the help of Twitter.
  • The Captivate 5 comes with options for collaborating and reviewing with Acrobat and comes with an expanded Asset Library feature which is absolutely great! Also, updating imported Adobe Photoshop files is also possible in it.
  • The Captivate 5 includes all the good trimmings of the prior Captivate versions without any of their shortcomings.

That was a brief user review. Judging from what people who have used it had to say, we can safely infer that this software really does captivate as much as it promises to. If at all one is bent upon digging out a defect, the price seems a bit on the higher side; but given the benefits of this tool, I, personally, feel it is worth all that money! Indeed, with some of its added features, revamped interface and tasking frills, the Adobe Captivate 5 serves to redefine e-learning and re-engineers the experience of such e-learning! Best of all, the entire deal comes without any distinctive technical glitches that were characteristic of its predecessors.

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