Addicting Games like 2048

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Addicting Games like 2048

If you are looking for puzzle games similar to 2048, or its alternatives, you have landed on the right page. 2048 is a mellow addiction in this fast-paced life, where people don’t get time to relax and are looking for ways to relieve stress. An easy and handy option to distract your minds from your never-ending work life is playing a game or two on your phones.

The Science Behind Game Addiction
Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop playing addicting games like 2048, or similar ones for minutes, which eventually turn into hours? Well, there is neuroscience behind it. ‘Dopamine’ is a neurochemical that transmits information throughout our nervous system daily. But if it builds up, the brain goes into a hyper mode. Interestingly, this makes us play such games over and over again, without being stressed out or feeling the need to quit!

You certainly must have played 2048 or heard about its addiction through your friend. It has been in the market since a long time now, and many of you might have already scored the number 2048! We know how much you love an engaging puzzle game like that. So, we have listed out a few good ones that will keep you entertained and give you a good brain exercise of basic logic that might become your daily digital source of bewitchment!

Addictive Games like 2048

If you are a math lover, you will love Quento. If you are not a math lover, you might still love Quento! It’s a simple math game, with only two operations, addition and subtraction, making it a fun brain exercise for every age group. Yet, it is challenging and hooks you on to it, once you start playing. Quento is colorful and visually attractive.

It is a free app, available universally for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Windows 8, and Chrome Web Store. However, the free version is only for levels, which include 2 or 3 numbers. For more numbers at higher levels, you need to purchase the app for 0.99$.

It is a number game in which blocks containing 1’s and 2’s are joined to make 3, and then the ‘Threes’ are joined to make 6, and then 12, 24, 48, and so on. It may sound simple, but it gets challenging as you reach higher levels. It has a 4×4 grid, where these numbers are joined to create a new high score, every time you cross your last maximum number achieved in a block.

This game has some interesting music and funny sounds with each move you make. Some people find it annoying, but for them, there is an option given to turn it off. The minimal colors used in it, blue, white, and pink, make it even more appealing to the eyes. The interface is simple and user-friendly.

It is available for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 6.0 or later. The price of this app is 2.99$.

Nove: Number Swipe
When you are stressed out or getting bored, but don’t want to rack your brains playing a logical game, Nove: Number Swipe is the right game for you. It is simple, colorful, effortless, and addictive. It’s a 5×7 grid of colored numbers, which are supposed to be joined, making a sequence of the same color, but these numbers should be joined in their ascending order. The bigger your sequence, the higher you score.

The free version is available for Android.

Balls on my screen
Different from the conventional blocks of numbers, here we have numbers in balls. These balls are to be joined in a sequence, equivalent to the number. E.g. number 2 can be joined to only 2 balls containing number 2. In the same way, number 3 can be joined to 3 balls containing number 3. It’s another simple game, with a good interface and soothing colors. The game doesn’t need much logic, and you don’t get bored!

Its free version is available for Android.

Yet another addicting game is 10, in which numbers are to be swiped across to add up to get the number 10, and is a well thought and executed concept. This game is fun to play, and not being too difficult, it is perfect for all age groups. It is a very interesting puzzle game to test your skills. Even if you don’t enjoy math, this game will keep you glued to your seat for a long time! The relaxing music and sound effects add to the addiction of this game.

It is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Its price is 2.44$. However, its free version is available as ‘9’.

Alternatives to 2048

2048 Tetris
Tetris is a game in which different-shaped blocks fall from the top, and the aim is to fit them properly into the blocks, which are at the bottom. In 2048 Tetris, the numbers fall from top, and here the aim remains the same as the original game ‘2048’, to reach the number 2048!

Flappy 2048
This is a mix of the famous game ‘Flappy Bird’ and ‘2048’. Both the games are difficult to play separately. Imagine what happens when they are combined!

2048 Hex
In this game, there are numbered hexes of different colors. You need to combine the same-colored hexes to get to the number 2048. Sounds simple, isn’t it?

2048 Cubed (3D)
This is another clone of 2048, but in 3D! The game play is the same―join the blocks to get the number 2048.

The Simpsons 2048
There are many more different versions of 2048 in which the blocks contain images of famous celebrities, characters, or cartoons, instead of numbers!

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