Wireless Mouse Reviews 2017

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Wireless Mouse Reviews 2017

For people who want to work on the computer while sitting at a distance, a wireless mouse and keyboard certainly comes to their rescue. At the same time, you can also get rid of the long entangled wires around the computer. To know more, all you have to do is, take a look at some reviews provided in this article.

When it comes to operating a computer, one of the most popular, and important device is the mouse. Wireless mice are extremely popular these days. They give wireless access to the computer.

A wireless mouse uses a radio frequency (RF) technology, or Bluetooth connectivity to transmit and receive data from the mouse. The transmitter is placed in the wireless mouse, and the receiver is in the form of a plug-in USB device, plug-in expansion card, or it is an in-built component of the mouse.

Wireless mice use laser, or optical (LED) motion sensors to track the movements of the mice, these sensors work effectively on any surface. Thus making wireless mice a big hit!

Here is a brief look at a few good mice available in the market.

Evoluent VerticalMouse C Right Wireless

Evoluent has changed the norms of the mouse design by opting to produce a range of ergonomic vertical mice! This mouse is designed to avoid forearm twisting, and provides the much needed comfort for hours of easy use.

It comes with a 2.4 GHz plug-in USB device. The AA battery used in the mouse lasts for about 3-5 months of use. The only disadvantage is that, this is a right handed mouse.

  • Price:  USD 109.95*

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Logitech Easy-Switch technology can pair the mouse with 3 devices, it can copy/paste the text, images, and files easily. The 4000-dpi Darkfield High Precision sensor ensures that the mouse is traceable even on glass!

The battery lasts for 70 days in a single charge, and it just takes 3 minutes of charge to last for the full day! It uses Logitech Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth for connecting the mouse.

  • Price:  USD 79.99*

See also:  Logitech MX Master 2S,  Price: USD 99.99*

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

Simple design and impressive features makes this mouse a must-have! The blue Windows touch tab facilitates switching from the current app to the Start screen directly.

Using the BlueTrack technology the mouse moves swiftly across all the surfaces except clear glass and mirrored surface. The AA batteries last up to 9 months. It uses Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Price: USD 39.95*

See also: Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600, Price: USD 29.95*

Logitech M720 Triathlon – Multi-device Wireless Mouse

Logitech Easy-Switch technology copy/pastes the text, images, or files effortlessly between three devices. The 3 illuminated numbers on the mouse indicates which device is connected currently. You can work through the lengthy documents seamlessly using the Hyper Fast Scrolling feature.

The mouse is Windows and Mac OS compatible. The AA batteries have impressive battery life of 24 months. A Logitech Unifying Receiver, or Bluetooth is used for mouse interaction.

  • Price:  USD 49.99*

Razer Deathadder Chroma

This is an ergonomic gaming mouse with textured rubber pads on the side. There are 16.8 million customizable chroma color options. The mouse uses 10,000-dpi optical sensors for creating an effective gaming experience.

Irrespective of being a gaming mouse, it works effortlessly for daily use too. The only drawback is that, it is a right handed mouse only. It uses a plug-in USB device for tracking the mouse actions.

  • Price:  USD 69.99*

Here are some other wireless mouse options to choose from

  • Apple Magic Mouse 2
  • Logitech M330 Silent Plus
  • Logitech MX Ergo Wireless

For further options or details of any mice mentioned above, you can visit their company websites. Normally for rough or longtime use, a gaming mouse is recommended.

(*Prices may vary according to the different regions)

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