Why is My MacBook Battery Not Charging?

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Why is My MacBook Battery Not Charging?

The MacBook is a wonderful computing gadget but there are times when it can give you some unpleasant moments if not outright nightmares! Here’s one common problem faced by many a proud MacBook owners and insights into how to deal with it.

Why did this have to happen to me?
What did I do to deserve this?
Oh Lord! This Sucks!

These are some of the typical verbal expressions that accompany your forehead slapping and hair-pulling acts when you happen to come across the morbid revelation that your precious MacBook battery is refusing to get charged. Well, such is life – when even the love of your life finds it difficult to always be there for you at your beck and call, it’s only fair that a non-living, non-breathing gadget, that’s made up of chips and wires and circuits instead of flesh and blood, ditches you – rather, bundles up all your optimism in the tattered rag of despair and flings it down with a loud THUD!

All right, I know – that’s a bit too depressingly melodramatic a start but that’s what you get from a person who comes across such hardware malfunction quite frequently in her life! Okay, fine! Off with the whining! Let’s talk sense now. MacBook battery not getting charged despite being plugged in to an electricity outlet is not a very uncommon phenomenon for veteran MacBook aficionados. So, let’s take a look at the various whats and hows of this issue.

Why Does My MacBook Battery Not Get Charged When Plugged In?

Well, so you plugged in your MacBook and went away to take care of a few errands, assuming your beloved notebook would be fully charged by the time you were done. However, the situation was not what you expected when you left as your laptop battery is not getting charged despite being plugged in for over an hour. In fact, it shows no signs of receiving any charge at all! Well, the reason behind this electronic misdemeanor can be more than one.

The most prominent possibility is that the battery of your MacBook is dead. If you’ve owned and used your MacBook for quite some years now, chances are high that you need to replace the battery of your MacBook. Besides being extensively worn out due to being used since a long time, your MacBook’s battery life can also get over faster than usual if you charge it unnecessarily, i.e. without draining it completely. Done over a long time, this can wear out your notebook battery faster, requiring you to get it replaced.

Another reason why your MacBook battery may not be charging could be that the plug pins are not properly fitted inside the plug-in socket. Push in the plug harder or try using an extension plug point or multiple point plug that fits well over the plug pins of the adapter. A loosely connected plug is often a common reason behind battery not taking in any charge.

The problem could also be with the Magsafe connector or adapter itself and in such a situation, getting it changed is the only option for you. You can easily find out if this is the case when you plug in your MacBook if the connector or adapter light does not come on. Also, if it is a fault in the power management unit that is doing all this mischief, resetting it should solve the issue.

If none of the above tricks work and your laptop battery is still not charging, you can try resetting PRAM and NVRAM. You can do this by shutting down your notebook, restarting it and pressing and holding down Option+Command+P+R on your MacBook till the time you hear the start up notification sound. Hold down till the notification chimes at least twice and then release.

You can also try resetting the system management controller (sleep → wake → restart → shut down). Brand new MacBook battery not charging? Well, try reseating the battery properly in its compartment. If this doesn’t work then you’ll probably have to take your notebook along with the battery, adapter, etc. to the nearest Apple service center – provided the battery in question is an authentic Apple product. If you procured a cheap battery from some local dealer, chances are that it was a piece of crap from the very beginning. Hope that helps. If not, then call Apple for God’s sake!

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