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Which is Better - Tablet or iPad

Which is Better - Tablet or iPad

The Apple iPad is the undoubted king of the tablet market, and now it has been succeeded by the iPad 2. This article will tell you about some rival tablets that come close to the dethroning iPad, but are unable to do so for many different reasons.
Rahul Thadani
Tablets are most certainly back in vogue today, and their immense success can solely be attributed to the Apple iPad. Released in April 2010, the iPad saw unbelievable sales figures and led to the rise of an army of Android based tablets who hoped to take it down, but were unable to do so. Last month the iPad 2 was released, and this has set the bar even higher than before.

In this Techspirited article we will be comparing the Apple iPad with its rival products and showing exactly why it is the king of the tablets. Most of these products work on the Android OS, but we will soon be seeing some webOS based and Windows Phone 7 based tablets as well.

Apple iPad Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the first true product to rival the iPad, and it certainly came the closest. A couple of new models of the Android tablet are going to be released soon as well, so the iPad 2 can prepare itself for battle. The original Tab was simply a larger Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, and the 7" screen size came nowhere near the 9.7" of the iPad. Moreover, the Tab was functioning on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) which was not optimized for tablets, so many of the apps and even the homescreen seemed like it had been stretched to fit the Tabs screen. Specs wise, the Tab equaled the 1GHz processor on the iPad, and the Tab even offered the ability to make phone calls, and also had two cameras as well. Still, the lack of proper Android support for tablets led to its moderate success and inability to topple the iPad. An 8.9" model and a 10" model are due for release soon, and these Tabs will work on the tablet-optimized Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). The iPad 2 though has solved the problem of the absence of cameras.

Apple iPad Vs Motorola XOOM

The XOOM was the first tablet to come with Android 3.0 and was released in February 2011. One major disadvantage of the XOOM is its prohibitive high price, and this is an advantage that Apple has over all its rivals. They have more than $50 billion in reserve for the purpose of bulk buying the parts they need, and this leads to a shortage in the market which causes the prices of rival products to rise higher. Apple are guaranteed to sell millions of their products so they have no problem in buying a large amount of parts in bulk to distort the market. The XOOM has a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra-2 processor, but the new Apple A5 processor on the iPad 2 certainly trumps this as well.

Apple iPad Vs BlackBerry PlayBook

The PlayBook is based on BlackBerry's new QNX OS, and it remains to be seen if this is going to be a success or a failure. The tablet should have hit stores by now, but there have been innumerable delays which have been attributed to a poor battery life. The iPad offers 10 hours on a single charge, so it seems that the PlayBook is already starting with a handicap. The 7" screen is not as good as the iPad either, so this is just another giant smartphone rather than a true tablet for most people. The amount of RAM is an impressive 1GB, but the number of apps that will be available for the new OS are sure to be vastly inferior to the 75,000 + that are available in the Apple App Store for the iPad. Moreover, the delay in the release is already causing people to lose faith in the steadily declining marketability of Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry.

Some more tablets that can rival the iPad and the iPad 2 are the HTC Flyer (running Android), the HP TouchPad (running the rather strange sounding webOS), the Dell Streak 7, the Dell Streak 10, the Nook Color and the Notion Ink Adam. We can guarantee that none of these will be as good as the iPads, even though each of them may be better than the iPads in one or two categories. Apple has created a monster in the form of the iPad, and the many advantages of aesthetics, user-friendly OS, large collection of apps and excellent branding will keep Apple at head of this market at least for the next few years.
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