WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Smartphone

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WhatsApp Alternatives for Your Smartphone

Tired of WhatsApp? Fret not as there are far better options in the app market today. Take a look now.

Did You Know?
WhatsApp recently claimed that they handle over 8 billion inbound messages and 12 billion outbound messages in a day! That’s more than Twitter’s entire population and over twice of Facebook’s daily message traffic.

With the world hooked to IM and messaging becoming old school, WhatsApp has emerged as the uber popular way to stay connected over the past few years. While WhatsApp is undoubtedly a good app, there are many others that offer the same features and much more without charging a penny. (Yes, $0.99 isn’t a fortune but some people still persist on not finding it worth paying for at all.)

All that said, the most important factor, as we all know, is the user base these apps hold. Despite having equally good (or better) counterparts, WhatsApp definitely commands an impressive user base. But if you’re still sick of WhatsApp, we’ve listed out some tempting options that offer you a lot more and that too totally free of cost!

WhatsApp Alternatives

This wonder messenger is available on Windows, Android, as well iPhone for free. You can make unlimited local as well as international calls and send messages for free (as long as you’re connected to the net). You can contact your friends and family on Viber with their contact numbers. Basically, it’s a far neater version of WhatsApp that allows you to make HD clarity voice calls as well. What’s not to love?!

Tango is one hell of an impressive app. The voice clarity is brilliant and one of the best apps for video calls so far. The best part about using Tango is that it’s superbly versatile. The user experience is always ranging from good to great, and I can’t think of the last time they had an app-breaking update, which is quite something in comparison to most other apps, which work fine, and then one update comes along and annoys the living daylights out of you. All in all, you simply have to try this wondrous app!

LINE is a widely used messenger that works well for free calling and texting. Correction — it works well “by and large.” Their spontaneous updates can definitely ruin the app and drive you up the wall in no time. While it’s a smooth sail for the most of it, it’s known to cause phone-breaking screwups with some devices. Also, it eats up too much of your RAM, making your experience frustratingly laggy. All that said, it still works beautifully for most, so give it a try.

ebuddy Messenger
This is another great IM app, which allows you to sign into Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and other accounts, so as to access all your conversations from one point itself. ebuddy is definitely the thing for you if you’re perennially hooked to your online self via some social networking form or the other. The last update is definitely messed up, but if they fix it soon enough, there’s not one reason why you shouldn’t replace WhatsApp with this.

As the name suggests, groupme is speechlessly marvelous for group chats. Whether you’re talking of sharing pictures or tagging locations, the app has it all. Rightly stated by the developer, the user experience is that of a personal social networking site. It works equally great in a one-to-one private conversation, and the best part is that you receive texts in the form of messages in case your net connection is down. The latest update has made picture sharing a pain, but hopefully, they’ll sort it out, and groupme will be awesome once again!

Unlike WhatsApp, you can register with Kik from your email account. Known people can contact you with your unique user ID, thus safeguarding your contact number. It’s a great way to make new friends without giving away personal information. The messenger is quick and works like a charm!

While some people find this free Samsung IM service to be better than the rest, I think it’s definitely overhyped. If it works the very best on your device, then also it’s just above average, because it lacks some serious chatting features. It desperately needs indicators for reading, typing, and online status. Nevertheless, if all your friends are on it, it won’t hurt to try.

Like Kik, KakaoTalk helps you get in touch with your friends and family with the help of their unique username. This free app lets you make free voice calls and messages; however, it doesn’t support video calling at the moment. And unlike most other IM apps, the voice messages are limited only to 1 minute. On the bright side, voice clarity is passably good, and the messaging service doesn’t seem to have any major problems either.

This app enables free calls, messages, and video calls. As promised, the voice clarity is good, and the interface is simple and easy to use. It’s an excellent messenger that’s versatile and won’t usually let you down, but it doesn’t support video sharing, and the biggest drawback is the absence of small features, like the message received time and online/offline status.

Skype is tested and reliable when it comes to calling and texting. You get free calling from Skype to Skype, and the messaging service is swell too. Like WhatsApp, you can get in touch with your friends using their contact numbers, however; you’ll have to approve them beforehand. It’s a great way to stay connected to the desired lot while blocking the rest.

If you’re looking for texting and aren’t too keen on file sharing, then LiveProfile is another great alternative to WhatsApp. While it works fine for the most part, the persistent error while adding some friends is something they can’t seem to be able to get rid of.

Nimbuzz Messenger
Nimbuzz is a free messenger app that enables you to make unlimited free voice calls and messages. Unfortunately, their calling feature is down in the ruts and will annoy you with poor voice clarity and call drops. However, messaging is simple, convenient, and quick.

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