3 Ways to Get Free Music on Your iPhone

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3 Ways to Get Free Music on Your iPhone

Downloading music on an iPhone is somewhat controversial; although some prefer purchasing albums from iTunes, there are many who are constantly looking for tips and tricks to get free tracks. Who wouldn’t like free music? All of us would. Check out some methods given by Techspirited explaining how to get free music on an iPhone.

Legal Restrictions
Obtaining free music is very much possible, but, the sources from where it is obtained do have certain legal policies which define the correct and incorrect ways of usage. It is advised to refer to these policies prior to downloading music.

Spending your hard-earned bucks on things like music sometimes feels unnecessary; though some tracks are evergreen, some fade away with time, and new ones take their place, and then we barely listen to the old ones for which we did spend some cents. The cost of the phone, plus the recurring payment of bills, plus the cost to buy any application, and to top it all, purchasing music; all this might sound a bit heavy to youngsters or the non-earning class. It feels bad to spend a big share of your allowance on all this.

Purchasing music is old school. The current trend is listening to the latest music free of cost, without violating any kind of law on piracy or illegal consumption of digital media. How is this possible? Take a look!

From iTunes

Yes! It’s true. Free music can be availed from your very own iTunes. Follow the steps below to find out how.

  • Go to the iTunes application on your iPhone.
  • The application opens in the music section by default, but if it doesn’t, you could manually navigate to the section by using the bottom pane. (includes tabs: ‘Music’, ‘Movies’, ‘Search’, ‘Tones’, and ‘More’).
  • Scroll down to find a tab labeled ‘Single of the Week’.
  • Tap it to navigate to that particular single.
  • Remember that this tab is enlisted separately under the ‘Singles’ section.
  • Download the single and enjoy!

Every week a new single is available for free on iTunes; so tune in to a new song every week.

From Third-party Applications

Some such applications allow an iPhone user to listen to music of all sorts, and even features in-app or cloud downloading services. Although these tracks cannot be passed on to friends, they surely are great for people who wish to listen to every new track or album in the market. This is a really good alternative to purchasing music.

  • Navigate to the App Store in the menu and tap it to open.
  • Tap the search bar to start typing.
  • Look for ‘Musify‘, or a random search for a free music downloader would also work.
  • If you don’t mind paying a one-time fee for downloading the app, you’ll find some of such apps too. Check out ‘Musify‘.
  • Download the app and launch it.
  • Most applications of this sort require the user to open a free account. Do that and enjoy listening to your favorite tracks.

From a Computer

This is the best option if you have your favorite tracks already downloaded and stored on your computer. A good alternative for those who already have legit copies of tracks on their computers and wish to listen the same on their respective iPhones. Follow the steps below.

  • Download new music or locate existing tracks on your computer that you wish to load on your iPhone.
  • You can download from a lot of free websites on the Internet. Alternatively, you could also rip some tracks from a CD.
  • Download tracks in mp3 format preferably. If you got them in some other formats like .flac or .wma, download an audio conversion software.
  • To proceed with the transfer of music, you’ll need iTunes on your computer; download the latest version here.
  • Launch iTunes and select ‘Add to Library’ from the ‘File’ menu. Locate the downloaded/ripped/existing music on your hard drive and select it.
  • Now plug in the iPhone to the computer. iTunes will then identify your phone automatically, and would show the connected device just below the search bar on the top-right corner.
  • Click on the connected device tab, and click on sync in the resulting window.
  • You can sync your whole library or selected tracks; wait for the entire sync to complete before disconnecting the iPhone.
  • After the sync is complete, you’re free to listen to you favorite tracks right on your phone.

Now you can enjoy the best music for free right on your iPhone. So, Download-Listen-Groove-Repeat!

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