10 Wallpaper Sites Like InterfaceLIFT

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10 Wallpaper Sites Like InterfaceLIFT

Long before smileys and emoticons, wallpapers ruled the roost. They brightened up computer screens as backgrounds on PCs all over the world, and still do. InterfaceLIFT is home to many amazing wallpapers. For those who delve in variety, here are some sites similar to InterfaceLIFT.

Did You Know?
The term ‘wallpaper’ is used in Windows Vista and operating systems that came later on. Before that it was called ‘desktop background’.

If your personality had a color, what would it be? If your mood can be captured in a picture, what would that be? Wallpapers depict all this, and more. They are a dynamic representation of color filling up the blank canvas of your computer. They speak volumes even if they are dumb, and tell stories without being long-winded.

InterfaceLIFT has a reputation of having the most vast database spanning many categories. It can match any resolution or size, and has wallpapers depicting lush greenery and vistas that you can use as a desktop wallpaper. It has mobile wallpapers which you can filter according to size and resolution. For easy access, it sorts its wallpapers by date, comments, ratings, favorites, and number of downloads. It lets you sign up for free, but lets you download in bulk for an annual fee of USD 3.42. For those who still crave for more sites like InterfaceLIFT, we give you the following options.

InterfaceLIFT Alternatives

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy is the brainchild of Ryan Bliss, and been active since 1995. It was one of the first sites to have 3D wallpapers, and others belonging to lost civilizations and fantasy. It has a new added section called ‘Picklejar’, which provides similar images with content or color removed or changed. This is one of the very few sites that offer wallpapers for dual and triple monitor displays. It offers high resolution wallpapers for PS3, Chrome, and Firefox themes, and much more. Many of the wallpapers are free, but you get the latest updates to the newest wallpapers for USD 20 per year.

Start Browsing: Digital Blasphemy

Simple Desktops

If you feel keeping things simple leaves you content, Simple Desktops is the place for you. It offers wallpapers with the minimal designs, but still worth browsing through. You can even submit your own designs and can be credited for them. The site’s design and apps have been created by Tom Watson. If a simple icon can define you, then this site is made just for you.

Start Browsing: Simple Desktops


Unlike InterfaceLIFT, this site focuses more on nature and fantasy-themed wallpapers. The wallpapers can be downloaded in a variety of sizes. It’s a very family friendly site, that hosts wallpapers that uplift your mind as well as blow it away at the same time. Visit this site to give your desktop that personality change that you always wanted.

Start Browsing: Desktopography


eWallpapers is a clean and well-designed site, with an enormous amount of wallpapers. The best part of the site is the category section, that lets you go to the section you prefer. For example, if you wanted abstract wallpapers, click on Other and then Abstract Wallpapers, and you get what you wanted. For a premium fee of USD 4.95, you can browse through all the categories Ad-free.

Start Browsing: eWallpapers


DeviantART has been on the web since 2005. It has one of the largest databases of wallpapers, spanning from digital to traditional art, from anime to 3D, and from caricatures to downright absurd. It has something for all its users. It lets you download 5 wallpapers per day, but if you are a member you can download unlimited wallpapers. And the best part is that the registration is free. What are you waiting for?

Start Browsing: DeviantART


Wallhaven is a site purely for anime fans. It was formerly known as Wallbase, but was relaunched under its new name Wallhaven. You can submit your own content, and the works are copyrighted. Unlike InterfaceLIFT, the registration is free, upon which you get to download an unlimited number of wallpapers.

Start Browsing: Wallhaven


Stock.Xchng, abbreviated as sxc, is one of the leading websites for free wallpapers. Here, wallpapers are available for download right from mobile resolutions to HD. It only allows a limit of 5 wallpapers per day, but you can download an unlimited number once you register, which is free.

Start Browsing: Sxc.hu


Vladstudio is another website with a huge database for wallpapers. It offers a resolution of 2880 × 1800 pixels. It offers free wallpapers from mobiles to dual and triple monitors. You can be a lifetime member by purchasing a premium account for USD 14.99.

Start Browsing: Vladstudio


As the name suggests, HDW offers wallpapers in HD resolutions. It encompasses wallpapers in categories ranging from 3D to vector. It even has minimalistic wallpapers not hosted by any other website. This website offers free registration, upon which you can download free wallpapers for an unlimited time.

Start Browsing: HDW

Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus is a website similar to InterfaceLIFT, and stores wallpapers belonging to a number of categories. It has a tag cloud which displays the most popular wallpapers that have been downloaded off late. You can create a free account and try it for yourself; you won’t be disappointed for sure.

Start Browsing: Desktop Nexus

Some More

While these sites do have wallpapers in excess, here are some other sites like InterfaceLIFT that have a considerable database to whet your design buds.

  • Wallcoo
  • Dream-Wallpaper
  • Wallpoper
  • WallpapersWide
  • Zedge

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