Want to Buy a Vizio TV? These Reviews Will Help You

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Vizio TV Reviews

The Vizio brand is on its way to becoming a leader in television industry as the television sets manufactured by this company continue to make waves in the U.S. market. Scroll down for some Vizio TV reviews that will help you understand more about this brand.

Technology is moving at a galloping rate and to keep up with these technological advances all around, one needs to keep on innovating. This is the reason why many different brands of electronics are now coming up with newer versions of their products. Not to be left behind in the race, the Vizio television has come a long way. Based in Irvine, California the Vizio Inc. was founded in year 2002. In a short span of 7-8 years the company has made tremendous progress on the economic front and also in terms of popularity. One of the reasons behind the success of Vizio is the aggressive pricing strategies undertaken by the company. Given below is a quick snapshot of Vizio TV reviews which will help you understand more about this brand and its overall quality.

Vizio TV Consumer Reports

Reviews for the 55 inch Vizio TV on the whole have been favorable. It is claimed that the Vizio, in fact, entered year 2010 with a new-found vengeance to become a leader in HDTV. The 55 inch model is meant for those who wish for something different and want to add some excitement to their current TV shows. Creators of this brand employed the Sensio XpanD shutter glasses that have managed to create a thrilling viewing experience for those who wish to watch cinema in the 3D mode. This is going to be one thrilling ride, considering the recent crop of 3D movies and features that are being shown.

Also, one thing that really goes in favor of the 55 inch LED HDTV model is the fact that the LED backlight has been increased from 80 to 120. This amounts to lesser blooming. Thus, it would in turn mean a superior picture quality. It also comes with an optional Wi-Fi connection. The refresh rate has also been pushed up to 480 Hz which will further up the excitement associated with high action scenes. Vizio also makes use of a scanning backlight along with that of the much-used motion estimation and motion compensation technology for added advantage. It further adds to the clarity of image. An exciting feature bound to make this option even more favored among the public is the fact that it comes with a built-in wireless receiver. Thanks to this wireless receiver accessing an optional base station through a 60 GHz signal, the interference with other wireless devices gets minimized to a great extent. It will therefore, give you a full, 1080p resolution at the time of streaming.

Another claim that is made in the reviews of 55 inch LCD TV is that it has been launched by the company to help save a lot of power and to cause lesser stress to eyes. The Internet application is the best thing that has happened to this TV, since it offers many different widgets which can be shown as proper applications on the HDTV display. It also offers a resolution of 1080p along with a refresh rate of 240 Hz. The refresh rate ensures that there is hardly any flickering or blurring. The TV also has a 2,000,000:1 mega contrast ratio (which denotes great black levels) and a USB port. The audio quality also is great and so, one needn’t worry about the sound quality or dialog irrespective of which corner of the room you may be sitting in. The best part is that there won’t be any change in the sound level when channels are changed or when the commercials are on.

There are however, a few downsides to the Vizio TVs as well. For example, when it comes to the 42 inch model, up close, the colors flickered a bit with noise. When seen from a distance, the picture was grainier and a bit dull. Also, it is claimed that in the 37 inch model, a slightly uneven screen uniformity was observed. However, on the whole, except for a few glitches here and there, reviews of the Vizio TV have generally been positive and most people concord that they are quite happy and satisfied with the performance of this television set.

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