Virtual Pet Games for Kids

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Virtual Pet Games for Kids

Many people like to have their own pets and play with them, but cannot do so due to some reason or the other. For such people, online animal simulation games are a good option. This article offers a lot of information about virtual pet games..

Many of us love to have pets at home but cannot have one due to several problems like space shortage, busy schedule, pet allergies, hygiene and family members. Now, anyone can play pet games on the web despite any of the above stated troubles. Want to know how? There are three ways for playing online games with virtual pets.

Playing Virtual Pet Games

Register on Website

This process is really easy. Just start your computer, open your web browser, search for a virtual pet website, register and there, you have a new pet right before you! These sites render so many virtual pet games online that you will never feel bored. Most of the sites have a dressing up game in which the kids can dress up their favorite pet with the accessories provided. The options for accessories include clothing, pet-jewelry, etc. All the games are to be played online and your pet disappears when you close the browser. However, you can save the avatar if you want to continue with the same one when you log in again. The only shortcoming of this method is that, if the site is not secure, virus can enter your computer. So, it is advised to have a strong anti-virus software installed before clicking on the website link.

Download from the Website

Another option to play the virtual pet games is to download them from a virtual pet site on to your computer. This way, you can play with them even when you are offline. Again, the same computer virus threat makes it compulsory for you to have a strong anti-virus installed on the computer and you need to scan the .exe file before downloading it or running it. The same games that are available on the online websites are available in the downloaded version. Nevertheless, you need not register here to download the games.

Buy a Virtual Pet

This can be said to be a more realistic and personalized option for playing the virtual games. In this method, you have to buy a plush toy animal pet from the company’s website to avail this service. The plush toy (soft-toy or stuffed animal) that you select, comes with a code number which has to be used to access the virtual pet on the company’s website. The virtual pet that you see looks exactly like your soft-toy and you can perform all sorts of activities with it that you would do with a real pet. The most impressive feature about this method is, that every soft-toy they make has unique features, different from all other pets of its own and different type too.

For example, if you buy two puppies of the exactly same appearance, you will find that both are different from each other when you play with them online. Once you buy them, you can enter the code on the website and you get access to your own virtual pet, whom you can name, feed, bathe, build a house for, etc. Though this method is a little costly, it is worth its price as you can have more fun. This is the best alternative for those who long to have a real pet but cannot have one.

Virtual Pet Game Websites that Kids Love

The websites offering virtual pet games for kids present a wide range of pets to choose from; dogs, cats, horses, frogs, fish, chicken, camel, sheep, etc. Different sites offer different range of pets. These virtual pets are as cute as the real world pets. In fact, some appear cuter due to the tactfully designed graphics.

Are you looking for an fun-filled adventure in an exotic planet? If yes, then you are in luck. This is possible in the four planets of Rescreatu. You can befriend a mystical creature called creatu here and train him to be your companion. Both of you can journey through this mysterious universe looking for hidden treasures and explore new places. This site is equally popular among the online gamers and pet-lovers.

Love to have a cat, but allergic to its fur? No problem! You don’t have to get allergy shots just to pamper a kitty. Now with the advent of virtual pet websites, pet care has become a child’s play and does not involve any fuss which is involved in real pet care. Purefelenity is one such site where you can enjoy simulation of feline creatures. You can adopt any cat and take care of it. You can also show off your gaming skills, by creating a unique type of cat with extraordinary traits.

Best of Breeds is simulation website of cats, dogs and horses. This game is designed to give an almost real like experience to the online pet owners. Developed in the year 2000, this site is still a crowd favorite and provides a platform to create your own animals. You get points for the unique traits of your animal.

Petnebula is a free virtual pet website where you can find your fabulous pets and go to war in the deep space. Apart from owning a virtual pet, you can discuss and share your pet owning experience with other pet lovers through chat rooms. You will also find auctions, trades and many more hidden things around this site. With new pets being added every few weeks, a member can have around 15 pets at a time.

Adopting a pet has never been so easy. All you have to do is to create your account in Adoptme and join this game. You can adopt an animal of your liking, feed and love him like any real time pet lover. You can brush up your writing skills and write a blog about your adorable pet. You may also join a pet group and engage in lengthy conversation with fellow pet owners. Furthermore, you can also participate in the Pet of the Month contest in this website.

Virtual pet games for kids create a fun virtual pet world for them under reasonable conditions. It is a win-win situation for all, since kids experience all the fun of a real pet without any of the drawbacks involved in owning a real one!

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