VHS to DVD Converter Device

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VHS to DVD Converter Device

VHS stands for Video Home System. The best method to convert VHS to DVD is by using a VHS to DVD converter. This write-up provides the instructions that you need to follow for doing so.

VHS stands for Video Home System. It refers to a video tape recording standard that was used some decades ago. Though it is no longer in use, people who still have some of the old cassettes have a very good option of converting these cassettes into DVDs, which is the most substantially used digital storage media.

Converting VHS To DVD

If you are thinking how to transfer VHS to DVD, you simply need the essential devices and/or software. There are different methods which can be used for carrying out the conversion. Using a converter is the most feasible way of getting the job done. This method can be a bit expensive though. Other methods use a digital video camcorder or an analog-to-digital converter software.

Using a converter is the easiest way to get the videos out from the old cassettes and onto the digital discs. It is also known as a combination DVD/VHS device and is manufactured by reputed brands such as Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, and many others. It consists of two different slots which can be used for inserting the blank disc to which data would be written. Some users say that the functions and video quality offered by these two-in-one devices is not up to the mark. Basic models have common functions and normal video quality, but the higher-end versions provide the best quality in both aspects.

Insert the cassette and the blank disc in their respective slots, refer to the product manual, and press the appropriate buttons for easy conversion. This method does not even need additional devices or any kind of software. The only drawback of this method is that, you will not be able to edit the chapters and menus of the video. If you are thinking of buying a combo player, make sure that it does have the function of burning data. There are few models in the market which only have the play function and not the record function.

Advanced models may even have an integrated HDTV tuner that can be used for recording HD broadcasts. Before buying this device, it is better to review it on the Internet. If you are thinking of buying this device, then visit your nearby electronic store, ask the sales person to show all the available ranges of combo VHS/DVD recorders, check out the features and specifications in detail, compare the price range, and then go for the most appropriate one.

If you do not want to buy a combo device, you can do the conversion by using a good software, VCR, and a desktop or a laptop computer with a DVD burner. If you are not interested in converting, the best alternative is to avail the facilities of media conversion services.

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