Top 5 Wearable Tech Gadgets for 2018

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Top 5 Wearable Tech Gadgets for 2018

Wearable technology seems to be the latest fad across the globe. This article gives you an insight into the top wearable tech gadgets.

Anything that you can think of, can be developed into a smart gadget. A virtual reality is becoming the near future. The wearable gadget market is making an impact with novel innovation. Let’s see some ground breaking and classic wearable gadgets.

Nokia Steel HR

This is smart watch that looks like a normal watch, but it functions smartly! The watch dial consists of a real time heart rate monitor. The activity tracker identifies a run, walk, swim, and sleep activities, and creates a detailed report in the app.

This watch recognizes 10+ activities like dancing, volleyball, ping-pong, etc. It also counts number of steps, calories burned, distance covered, etc. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to transfer all the data into the Nokia Health Mate app.


A FITGuard placed in the mouth is useful for athletes involved in a rough sport. At times the players are naive to the severity of the fall, and end up with grave injuries. So the device detects, and informs the intensity of the fall to prevent further injuries.

It is connected to an app, and data is fed in real time. The fellow athletes, and family members can also monitor the impact of the fall, and decide if the athlete needs medical attention.

FITGuard explains that keeping this device in the mouth has a lot of benefits. The sensor placement of the mouth is much more accurate than any device that is strapped onto a helmet or a chin strap.

Thus keeping the FITGuard in the mouth is highly beneficial as mouth sensors correlate with the center of gravity of the brain, this helps in tracking the intensity of the hit or the fall. A ligament tear, shoulder pain, and brain injury is detected by the device.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 has an impressive accuracy. This band can be worn not only while exercising but also during your day-to-day activities. It keeps track of the number of calories burned and the steps taken. Fitbit acts as your personal fitness guide.

Fitbit also provides message, calls and calender notifications. It tracks your sleeping pattern and wakes you up as well. The app connectivity uses bluetooth to transfer all the history and data into the app.

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2 is come up with some smart improvements like it is water resistant (can withstand water till 50m). This watch provides various intelligent features with watchOS 4 update. It is lighter than Apple Watch Series 1 which is in the user’s favor. It also provides a Breathe app which will help you in meditation.

This watch can track your activities accurately like any other fitness band, thus giving a tough competition to the various fitness tracking gadgets available in the market.

Digitsole Run Profiler and Warm Series

The idea behind the ‘Run Profiler’ and the ‘Warm Series’ sole tracker is to give a real-time analysis of a user’s performance. Both the soles are worn inside the shoes. The ‘Run Profiler’ sole tracks your running and cycling activities, and the ‘Warm Series’ sole keeps your feet warm.

It also counts the number of steps taken and calories burned. Both the soles can be synced via Bluetooth connectivity. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, whereas the cycling feature works only on iOS.

A real-time performance analysis report is generated while you are running or cycling. The audio coaching feature acts like a personal fitness coach by providing important instructions to boost the performance and avoid injuries.

These are some of the impressive technologies used in wearable gadgets. We hope you will find them useful.

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