Top Rated Computer Brands

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Top Rated Computer Brands

Previously there were only a few computer manufacturers, which were in the fray. However, now there are a number of players in the market, who are vying for a place in the top rated computer brands list. Each of these brands has its own area of expertise, hence the competition is real tough one.

Buying a desktop or a laptop is no mean a task. Along with the configuration and features, there is another point that confuses most of the customers. It is the brand. With a number of computer brands in the market, the task has indeed become very difficult. All these brands have their own set of clientele, as people have different expectations and needs for a computer.

The configuration given by the different brands are pretty much standardized in the last few years, however, which of the computers last longer and are easy to work with is the point to consider. Along with the usability and features customer care of each of the brands also comes into play, when one talks about the top computer brands. The chances of the laptop needing a repair is always there. This is where the customer care comes into the picture.

Top Rated Computer Brands List

Each of these best rated computer brands are famous for the reliable technology that they offer. They are known for giving top grade technology in both laptops as well as desktops. These personal computers are suitable for students, professionals, gamers alike.


I am sure you have come across desktop computers, laptops, personal digital assistants, servers, storage devices, etc. manufactured by Acer. The selling point of this brand is the price. They are known to provide computers with great configuration, but at a very low price. It may be attributed to this fact, that most students are seen using computers from this manufacturer. Many professionals who would want to invest in secondary laptop often opt to buy one manufactured by Acer.


Can the top computer brands list be complete without the mention of Apple? As a matter of fact, when one talks about computers, it is Apple that first comes to mind. They are known for the quality products that they have been manufacturing for a number of decades. Many professionals and students choose to opt for Apple computers, as they run on a very stable Mac operating system and have very good virus protection. However, as compared to the other brands, the prices of the Apple computers are on the higher end. If one wants the best, then it is natural one should be ready to spend the kind of amount as well.


As your search for a computer gone waste, because you were not able to get the configuration you wanted? Then the chances are high that you did not look at the Dell computers. It is the only brand, who assembles its own computers, due to which the customer can take the liberty and get the computer with the configuration, he always wanted. However, for configuring the computer, you will have to visit the Dell website. The cost of the Dell computers is also very competitive, due to which they have gone onto become one of the best computer brand. If you are extensively into gaming, then it has to be a Dell computer for you, as the best brand in terms of gaming computer, namely Alienware, was taken over by Dell recently.


In the computer brands comparison, Lenovo no doubt has climbed up the ladder after its acquisition of IBM. The ThinkPad and IdeaPad are among the best computers to have been launched in the market. As a matter of fact, Lenovo is the 4th largest computer vendor in the world. The quality of computers beats the quality of most of computers manufactured by most of the other manufacturers.


In the laptop and mini laptop market, there is one name which stands out distinctly, which is Toshiba. The quality and performance of these system is among the best. The battery life of the personal computers is among the best. If you are going to use your laptop for heavy duty work, then you should not look beyond Toshiba. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, then you will not go wrong with a Toshiba.

Other than the computer brands mentioned above, there are other brands, which are worth a mention like Sony, HP, Compaq and Asus. When you want to buy a computer, it is important to take all the factors into consideration, so that you are able to lay your hands on the right computer. When one has to talk about the top rated computer monitors, there are a number of factors that one will have to take into consideration. Some of the best monitors do come from Apple, Dell and Acer. It is always best to do the research, before one buys a computer, so that one gets nothing but the best.

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