Top 10 Facebook Apps

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Top 10 Facebook Apps

From thousands of applications on Facebook, we bring to you a list of top 10 Facebook apps. These are top apps that won’t disappoint you after you take the effort to install them. Find out which have made it to the list of top 10 in the following article.

Most of us cannot start and end our day without a daily dose of Facebook. Many are totally addicted to Facebook and spend most of their time on this social networking site. So, apart from sharing every second of your life with friends on Facebook, is there anything else which is useful or productive that you could do on this site? Well, yes, you could spend some of your time trying out useful applications on Facebook. Some of these applications standout from the thousands offered on this site. Majority of them are third party apps and some are not worth of even a single try. So, of the hundred good ones and some seriously unworthy of a glance, we have tried to sort out the top 10 apps, just for our readers. Obviously, everyone may or may not agree with the list provided. Just pick out your favorites from the list and we at Techspirited encourage our readers to share their thoughts with us. So, mention your favorite picks in the comment box at the end of the article. We will surely be glad to get your worthy inputs on top Facebook apps and share them with other readers as well.

Top 10 Facebook Apps to Choose From

Without much ado, I shall start talking about the popular Facebook application that made it to our list. Find out, if your favorite ones have found a way into the list too.

# 10. Cookbook

If you are a foodie or would love to share your cooking talents with the world, this is one app you will enjoy. Cookbook is a social recipe sharing app for Facebook that helps you create, share as well as browse through the number of recipes listed. There are about 8 categories of recipes from which you can browse through over 1600 recipes.

# 9. We’re Related

This is one of the chart toppers that has found a place at number 9. We’re Related is an app that helps you build a family tree to get in touch with distant family members who belong to your family. So, long lost cousins, uncles and aunts, all find a way to remain in contact with the family. You see, Facebook helps make the world a smaller place to live in!

# 8. Causes

If you feel that there is a social activist hidden within you, then Causes is one of the top Facebook apps that you should install. This application helps you support worldwide causes as well as storm up a cause of your own. It helps you raise charity funds for various social activities and even helps take a small step to make the world a better place for both humans as well as animals.

# 7. Pagemodo Pagebuilder

This is one of the top business applications on Facebook. This is a free tool that helps businesses as well as individuals design a Facebook page. You do not need to be a graphic designer or artist, Pagemodo Pagebuilder will do the needful for you. It will help you add photos, embed videos as well as change text and fonts. If you are looking forward to showcase your products and services, this tool will prove to be of great help.

# 6. Memorable Web Addresses

This is another top business application for Facebook. Memorable Web Addresses will never let you forget a single name, page or group. This app creates short and easy personal web addresses that helps the visitors to reach a particular Facebook group or page. It is good for business executives, who do not want people in their personal friends list, but need to send them messages.

# 5. Status Shuffle

No need to ponder upon words that help you express your thoughts as status messages. All you need to do is add Status Shuffle as your Facebook application. This is one app that will always find you the right quotes, sayings as well as messages to set as your status. With over 20 categories, you can find something appropriate to set as your status, depending on your mood.

# 4. Social Interview

Do you want to find a fun way that helps you know more about your friends? If yes, then Social Interview is the application for you. It helps in generating a question series for your randomly selected friends. Then, you are supposed to answer them and this will be posted on their wall. It is one of the top 10 apps with over 10 million users who use this application every month.

# 3. Pet Society

This is the largest application on Facebook based on daily active users. Pet Society allows you to create a pet and care for it. There are many games in this virtual word, that you can play with your pet. There is a lot of stuff that you can do in this application. So, if you wish to own a pet, but can’t do so in reality, then getting a virtual pet from Pet Society won’t prove to be a bad deal either.

# 2. Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars takes the second spot in this list of top applications on Facebook. This is a game that revolves around building a virtual mafia family. You need to be sharp enough to make money and protect your criminal family. The graphics are really interesting and is not built for those who have scheming minds.

# 1. FarmVille

Anyone and everyone seems to have been hooked on to FarmVille. There are over 16 million users daily that bring this app to the number 1 spot of this list. Thinking of owning a farm, raising cows and producing crops? If yes, then FarmVille will give you an opportunity to live a farm life. You can buy animals and even grow some crops. If you collect enough virtual money, you can use it and buy some addictions to your virtual farm. In the end, you can live a nice comfortable, farm life in your virtual world.

Each individual has his/her own preference, and we have tried to cater the likes of people from almost all ages. So, enjoy your Facebook experience and keep trying out new apps for fun and entertainment.

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