Top Apps for iPod touch

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Top Apps for iPod touch

To get the best applications for your iPod touch, you need to do a bit of brainstorming. A first look at the ever-expanding App Store, and you can quickly get lost in the maze of hundreds of thousands of apps. Here are some of the best that you can choose from.

There are certain apps which are must-have, and you probably would have installed those. Yeah, we are talking about the likes of Facebook, Wikipedia, Angry Birds, etc. But apart from these heavyweights, there are a host of other apps which you may find interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the top iPod touch apps in different categories.



To all the guitar players out there, download this app to turn your iPod into a guitar! With supports like 6-, 7- and 12-string guitar; 4-, 5- and 6-string bass; banjo, mandolin and ukulele, and a tuner with a large library of chords, you can play your favorite song anywhere without having to use your guitar! Just in case you don’t know about chords, the chord finder tell you which one it is!


Do you like radio on the move? That’s what this app offers. There are 1500+ live stations with an optimized search using the genre you like and your current location. You can even personalize the radio by creating a custom station with all your favorite tracks that you can choose from the 14 million iHeart library.

SongPop Free

Think you are the best at identifying songs by simply listening to small clips of it? Then your iPod challenges you to do just that! Listen to the clips, identify them, and then throw the same challenge to your loved ones as well. Also, share the clips on Facebook to let others also take up the challenge.


IKEA Catalog

Keeping yourself updated with the latest products offered by IKEA, just got simpler. Your iPod has a catalog with 350 images and 1000 selected products from the original catalog. If you are a hardcore IKEA fan, browse the rest of the products by simply scanning the product page from the hard copy, and view the products on your iPod.

300 Sleep & Relax Sounds

Having problem falling asleep? This latest app is made just for you. It has 300 pre-recorded sleep and relaxation sounds that can help you in your attempt to fall asleep. The app allows you to listen to the sounds without having to use your headphones! It has about 50+ professional tracks, 190+ sound intervals, more than 40 nature sounds, and 19 brainwave effects.

Jetsetter™ Hotels and Exclusive Travel Deals

Are you planning to go on a vacation and wish to make the necessary arrangements? Well, in that case, this app will come handy. It gives you updates about the daily discounts offered and weekend trip plans by most popular hotels. Also, you will have access to the photos, reviews, and tips for the deal that you make. Not only this, there is about 50% discount available on spas, beach resorts, vineyard weekends, Las Vegas tour packages, cruises, and many more. 



Unleash the writer in you with this app by creating your very own electronic storybook. Write your story, add pics, give sound effects, and even edit it. Need to publish it? Upload the story on the StoryKit web server and receive an email link to it. 


Missed the latest episode of Game of Thrones due to an urgent meeting at work? XFINITY.COM in your iPod will re-telecast it for you! Whether you want to watch the latest movies or your favorite shows, it is possible by installing this app. You can even set the parental controls like you do on your TV set.

The Colbert Report

Tired of your daily routine or need a break from work; who better than Stephen Colbert can freshen you up with his political satire! The famous Comedy Central show is available on iTunes. Every word from this show is just a download away.  

Social Networking


Any member of a forum always likes to be connected to the forum at all times, and Tapatalk gives you the freedom to do just that. You can join new forums, stay updated with the latest conversations taking place by receiving notifications, and you can also forward the posts to your Twitter account. Also, if you have liked an image in your forum or in any other, you can save it to your photo album.


Still waiting for the perfect person in your life, are you? Well, waiting does bear fruits, but why do it when your iPod can help you find someone. The latest POF online dating app allows you to search for your perfect partner by browsing through their 40 million members database. The best thing is that it tells you how far they are from your place. Maybe you can find your soul-mate by downloading this app.


How about sending voice messages to your family or friends instead of plain texts? All this free of cost! You need to add your loved ones to the HeyTell friends list and have conversations with them. Record your messages and send them across. You can also invite your Facebook friends to join you, and can even export messages to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. 



We all have been punished for forgetting to do our homework and assignments. But not anymore! You can organize your homework, study schedule, class schedule, and mark the important test dates on the calendar. This app will send alerts saying ‘Your history assignment is due’, or ‘The trigonometry test on Chapter 3 is today’. Now you won’t have any excuse for not doing your assignments or attending your tests!

Kids Can Match

You wish your kid could learn and play at the same time, but don’t know how it is possible! Well then, download this app to find the right answer. With more than 70 animal images and sounds, your kid is sure to get hooked on the iPod. You have to simply match the animals and gain points. The levels become harder as you go to the higher ones.


Redesigned for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, the inkling app has all the content that is available in the print version. The 3D models, slideshows, interactive images, and sounds; make reading the content absolutely fun. You can be assured of the content you have, as there are constant updates to keep the information up-to-date! This app is the future of interactive learning.


Love Language Challenge

Think you meet your spouse’s love expectations? Take this challenge to know if you really do. The app has a 5-week challenge that assists you in showing love to your partner just like the way he or she would want you to. You have to complete simple challenges like ‘Give a massage to your partner’, or ‘Buy the dress she is longing for, etc. The assessment will be done by your partner. Based on the 5 Love Language book, more the challenges you complete, the more will your partner feel loved.


Tired of reading a book, and wish you could listen instead? The audiobooks app helps you do just that. You can browse through the vast library of 137 free books and listen to the one that interests you. You can search for books by your favorite authors, books from different genres, and also the most popular and latest ones around. So wherever you are, no need to carry a book with you anymore, just plug-in the headphones to tune in to your favorite novel.

200+ Scary Stories, Sounds, And Pranks

If ghost stories are your genre, then these ones for you. The 200+ Scary Stories, Sounds, And Pranks app don’t just give you access to over 200 ghost stories but also promises some fun time with loads of haunting sound effects that you can use to play pranks on people. From Dracula and Frankenstein stories to Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde’s scary stories, you will get them all. You will have to be careful while using the auto-scare feature though, lest you yourself might get the scare of your life.



This one from iHandy Inc is your savior in the dark. Turn on the flashlight and directions when the lights are out. The bright light ensures your path is well-lit. Just in case there is an emergency, the inbuilt SOS features enables you to call out for help. 

iR Universal Remote Control

In iR Universal Remote Control, you have a universal remote with the ability to control any device, right from the TV and DVD players to air conditioners and ceiling fans. More importantly, you get to customize your iR remote and choose to keep only those buttons that you want. You can use it with your iPhone and iPad as well. 

iBrate Vibrate

The next time you have a tense muscle, let your iPod touch give you a quick and relaxing massage. Simply touch the screen and the vibrator will start. What’s more, the intensity of the massage can be changed by using one finger (slow vibration), two fingers (fast vibration), and three fingers for an energetic massage. 


Organizer Lite

How many times has it happened that you had to do something really important and it just slipped out of your mind! Now you have an app that helps you organize important events and tasks. Organizer Lite allows you to write text with pictures, contacts, and emojis inserted. Also, you can mark the events on the calendar that the app supports. And when you are done with the task, feel free to check the tasks you have completed. 

HP ePrint

You are not in the office and need to take a printout of something really important; then you can use this app to print the content via WI-fi or the cloud. You just need to add the printers in your network to the iPod. In case you don’t want the extra content, you can use the crop feature to do so. 

iTranslate Voice

Going to a new place where the language is alien to you can be scary. Well not anymore. You just need to speak the sentence you want to use and the iPod will speak back in the translated language. It allows sharing of translations via email and Twitter. Now you don’t need a keyboard to type anything, simply speak up.


First Aid by American Red Cross

Small cuts and bruises, if not treated right away, can cause some serious problems later. The American Red Cross Society has designed this app that gives a detailed step-by-step first-aid guide for everyday health issues. It will automatically connect to 911 in case of an emergency, by simply clicking the right button.

My Pregnancy Today

Expecting and excited about what’s in store for you, use this app to know the answer. You will only need to enter your baby’s due date, and My Pregnancy Today will notify you about the right food to eat, the doctor’s appointment dates, and fetus development images week-by-week. It will help you prepare for your big day perfectly.


Temple Run

If you are interested in a treasure hunt, tune into Temple Run to have some real fun. The only clause is, you need to surpass all the traps in this ancient temple to keep the treasure all for yourself. Run, jump, turn, collect coins, and buy power-ups, in this endless running game.


Loved Wipeout but couldn’t make it to the show? Well, your iPod is giving you the chance to be a part of it, virtually though. Experience the same fun by playing at locations that were used in the show, and you can even see the replay of your jumps. Be the quickest amongst your friends and earn reward points to unlock new contestants and shows.

Zombie Farm 2

If you have played Farmville―we doubt there is anyone who hasn’t―then we don’t need to introduce you to this app. The only difference, in this case, is that you farm and grow your own zombies. So you get to customize their appearance and also prepare them to fight other zombies that invade your farm. Like they say, if you can’t kill them, farm them.

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