Top 10 Zombie Games

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Top 10 Zombie Games

Zombies are the favorite characters of all gamers. Take a look at the best zombie games available in the market in this article.

As everyone knows, zombies are ideal for guilt-free slaughters, and you can kill hundreds of them and no one will care. But that’s a freedom you can enjoy only in a video game. It’s not always on Halloween that you get to see zombies; you can see them anytime you want on your PC screens. There are many video games with zombie themes and are a favorite among a lot of young video gamers.

There are some games which are best played on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. However, they let you have the same amount of fun and give all the possible advantages to slaughter zombies in no time.

Dead Rising

This is one of the best games for Xbox 360 and the most definitive zombie game of all time. It presents the zombies as ravenous inexorable hordes instead of simple shuffling clusters. This game was the one that introduced to us what zombies are, how they operate, and how should they be killed.

Resident Evil

This is another excellent game which was brought to notice right after the 1996 release of the movie “Resident Evil”. Zombies are as realistic as they could get, walking on the roads and feasting on as many people as they could. This gory game is definitely a pick for all you crazy gamers who love the Xbox 360 games as the Resident Evil 5 can be played on it. It can also be played on PC and PS3.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

About 15 years ago, this game was a rage for gamers with monster mash-ups and zombies all over. All you have to do is protect your neighbors from getting eaten by the zombies and try your level best to stop the “Game Over” title from flashing on the screen. A simple yet fun game which kept you engrossed.

They Hunger

This game comes across as the Black Widow games and is one of the best scary games for PC. It may not be as popular as the other games, but it is worth recognition for some spectacular graphics and situations. All the three episodes of “They Hunger” make a great blend of some absolutely unknown gaming experiences.

Left 4 Dead

The Left 4 Dead is a thrilling game for PS3, as playing this game will not only give you the chills, but lots more. The fact that while you’re shooting at one zombie, the graphic of another one coming onto you from the back is scary and rushing. Thus, this game is a must have for all those who are gaming freaks irrespective of your interests in zombies.


With excellent visuals as well as the superb dismemberment mechanisms, BrainBread is a known as a legend. The visuals of this game give the liberty of not only blowing up the entire zombie head but also parts of the body. It could be a take, but not if you like chasing zombies, as these zombies don’t run!

Stubbs the Zombie

This one’s a little different than the others which makes it a part of the top 10 list. Unlike most of the others, Stubbs lets you play as the zombie rather than hunter. So, if you want to know what it feels like to be a zombie with powers, don’t forget to pick a version!


It was a favorite in the early Xbox games and was very addictive for gamers. The only reason being, Hunter: The Reckoning, allowed the players to kill zombies with 20 different weapons and spells. And along with zombies, there were other characters like vampires and werewolves which also could be shot.


The scariest and the creepiest game ever, it is known as a leader in the 3D revolution and the most popular multiplayer title of all time. There is a large level of zombie crushing and fighting action that the visuals and effects are hard to ignore.

House of the Dead 4

If you were in control of this game, you would actually feel bad about killing so many zombies at one time. This is because the sub-machine guns of HOD 4 don’t look back in blasting multiple zombies with just one shot. Not a great pick but surely worth a try if you want to get your anger out!

With this list for the zombie-themed games, I am sure you have a lot to choose from. Hence, take your pick and have fun as the zombies or against them!

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