Tips to Extend Projector Lamp Life

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Tips to Extend Projector Lamp Life

After buying a projector lamp it’s important to keep it clean. In order to enhance the lifespan of the lamp, it’s important to learn a few useful tips about cleaning it. As the lamp is the most important component in your projector its condition will determine the viewing capabilities. Read on…

You have gone through a lot of difficult decisions, weighed different alternatives and at last found the perfect projector. Now being a proud owner and getting results as per your expectations, the next step is taking care of it. The projector lamp is the most fragile part. Therefore it’s important that you understand how to operate it efficiently.

The first step which everyone is bound to follow is reading the instruction manual and getting to know about the terms and conditions related to the product. A projector needs to be cleaned after every 3 months.

It is also essential that you inquire about the lamp availability in your projector as suppliers do not carry stocks of outdated models. An average lamp life is around 2,000 hours and with some special tips one can extend the life span.

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions and Moisture

The projector should not be stored in extreme weather conditions like excessive heat or cold as these varied temperatures can easily damage the lamps. Projectors should be used in a clean environment and moisture should be avoided.

That is why it’s important that water does not come in contact with the projector. After using the projector, switch it off in order to cool the lamp. Also try not to touch the lamp as human skin tends to leave an oily residue which can damage the fragile part.

Avoid Overuse

Overusing the projector is a complete no-no. It should be used for 3 to 5 hours at the most, in one go, so as to avoid overheating of the lamp. As the discharge temperature is very high in all the lamps it can lead to damage.

Therefore always try to switch off the lamp and then the projector. Also most of the projectors now have thermostats which help in controlling the temperature and shut off automatically after the set temperature is reached. Also, do not place anything on top or near the exhaust vents as it may result in overheating.

Clean the Filter Regularly and Maintain Air Circulation:

It’s difficult to operate a projector in a dust free environment. In order to enhance the lamp life it’s necessary that the filter be cleaned after a couple of weeks so that there is enough ventilation to maintain proper temperature.

Air circulation is another important aspect as the projector should be kept away from direct sunlight. Also air conditioner cooling is preferred and keeping the projector near a wall should be avoided. This aids proper air circulation.

Use in the Economy Mode

While giving a presentation in a setting where less bright light can be done with, one can work in the economy mode. This decreases the brightness, which in turn will help you achieve extended life of your projector lamp. Also do not forget to switch it off when not in use.

Avoid Movement and Excessive Handling

While the projector is working one should avoid moving it as the filament might get damaged and the bulb might explode. Also do not shake your projector as the parts are sensitive to sudden movement. Any quick movement can disrupt the system. While installing a projector lamp it’s important to read the user manual before carrying out any changing.

While changing the lamp bulb replace it with new original bulbs and use gloves so as to avoid skin touch. Above all, avoid movement till the bulbs have cooled down completely. Also if you are using an overhead projector, it’s important that the upper floor has less movement so as to avoid vibrations to the projector.

Keeping a spare bulb with you, during your presentation might help you if the projector lamp malfunctions. It’s also necessary to avoid electrical fluctuations affecting the fragile lamp.

Therefore it’s recommended that you buy a surge protector to lower the risk of damage. As these bulbs are not inexpensive it’s essential that you take good care of the projector so as to achieve optimum efficiency in working.

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