Tips for Purchasing Notebook Batteries

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Tips for Purchasing Notebook Batteries

Does your computer show low battery frequently? Do you often have to recharge it? Perhaps your notebook batteries have come of age and need replacement.

Before you actually start looking for a suitable battery, you need to check the existing one. The different kinds of batteries available are NiCad, NiMH, and Lithium Ion. Each one has different properties, hence cannot be interchanged with each other.

The NiCad and NiMH ones are expensive and are also sensitive to high temperatures. The Lithium Ion batteries last longer and are not sensitive to high temperatures. They are light in weight and also not as expensive as NiCad and NiMH ones.

Pointers to Remember

  • If you aiming at longer life or better performance than your current battery, check with the manufacturer for the battery compatibility.
  • Find batteries which are light in weight and small in size. But at the same time, the size of the old and the new one should match.
  • The stand-by time should be given utmost importance. The longer the stand-by time, the better the battery life.
  • The warranty of the battery is also important. In case of any problems, it should be replaceable. Normally, these have a warranty of one year.
  • Do not buy old batteries just because they are cheaper than the new ones. They will definitely not serve the purpose. In case you want to buy a used one, it should be used only in case of an emergency.
  • There are 9 cell batteries available in the market now. Most of the notebooks normally have 6 cell batteries. But the 9 cell ones last longer than their 6 cell cousin.
  • It is suggested to always buy one from authorized and reputed manufacturers and suppliers. It ensures that the product is indeed branded and authentic.

Tricks to Increase Battery Life

  • One of the tricks is to use the energy saving mode.
  • Decrease the resolution of the notebook to the limit that it is comfortable to read the displayed text.
  • When not in use, let it be on stand-by mode. You can also remove the batteries from it.
  • Turn off the peripherals which you are currently not using like the digital camera, etc. These peripherals, although not in use, pull energy from the battery.
  • Try to use the notebook in cool temperature. When the temperature is hot, the battery loses its charge early.

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