Things Your iPhone Can Do that You Didn’t Know

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Things Your iPhone Can Do that You Didn't Know

You have the latest iPhone, and you load it with apps. That’s usually what other people also tend to do. Well, have you thought of discovering the new iPhone features that will actually spice up your experience? Your phone can do a lot more than you think it can! There are inbuilt features in your phone that you are actually unaware of. Techspirited helps you to unfold the iPhone secrets.

Facing Problems with Your iPhone?

All you need to do is to hold the lock button and home buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to hard reset the device. This will switch off the phone completely and restart it. Your problem is solved!

You can text, talk, use the camera, play games, browse websites, etc., with your iPhone. But have you ever tried to study your phone thoroughly? By study I mean, have you ever enabled/disabled a few options to see what happens to your phone? Most of us have not done this. We buy the phone, download all the popular apps, and that’s it — we stop there. But no app will help you with your typos while you are sending an important business letter. For improving on this and other points, simple configurations are needed to be made.

We have put together 15 such hidden features so that you can use this marvel device to its full capacity.

Things iPhone Can Do

★ AssistiveTouch

You can navigate through your phone without pressing a button. Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → AssistiveTouch. Now, switch on this option. You can access the home screen and the favorites by using gestures.

Settings option in iphone
General option in iphone
Accessibility option in iphone
AssistiveTouch option in iphone
AssistiveTouch option in iphone
AssistiveTouch option in iphone
New gesture option in iphone
New gesture option in iphone

★ Notification Alerts

Just like the smartphone, your iPhone will also notify you by blinking an LED. Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Activate the “LED Flash for Alerts” option.

Notification alerts option in iphone

★ Faster Scrolling

While going through the playlist or reading anything online, you need to scroll a lot before you reach to the top of the page. To make this process easy, simply click on the top Tab Bar where the battery life, signal strength, and time are displayed. It will automatically take you to the top of the page.

Top bar option in iphone

★ Do Away with Unused Options

The App Store offers a lot of native apps that are not used very frequently. You can hide these apps, and make way for frequently used ones. Go to Settings → General → Restrictions → Enable Restrictions → Enter your password → Switch off Toggle Keys. This will do the needful.

Restrictions option in iphone
Options in iphone
Set Passcode Snapshot
Set Passcode Snapshot
Disable Restriction Snapshot
Disable Restriction Snapshot

★ Read Receipts

Just like the emails, the iMessages that you send can have a read receipt so that you will know when the receiver has received the message. Go to Settings → Messages → Turn on “Send Read Receipts”.

Messages option in iphone
Messages option in iphone

★ Set Vibration Patterns

If your phone is continuously in the vibration mode, then there are chances that you may ignore important calls. Now, you can set different vibration patterns for all your contacts so that you can recognize the caller without having to look at the display. Go to Settings → Sounds → Ringtone → Vibration → Create New Vibration. Set this newly created vibration for all important contacts.

Sound option in iphone
Ringtone option in iphone
Vibration option in iphone
Create New Vibration option in iphone
New vibration option in iphone
Stop vibration option in iphone

★ Set Phrase Shortcuts

You can increase your typing speed by adding phrase shortcuts. Go to Settings → General → Keyboard → Add New Shortcut → Write the phrase and its shortcut. You can now add shortcuts for the frequently used phrases.

Keyboard option in iphone
Set Phrase Shortcuts
Set Phrase Shortcuts
Messaging Shortcuts in iphone

★ Voice Memos

While you are using the Wi-Fi connection, you can send a voice memo to a friend. All you have to do is to select the Voice Memo Option → New Voice Memo → Record the Memo → Click on share. Choose the medium for sharing your memo.

Voice Memos Snapshot
Voice Memos Snapshot
Voice Memos Snapshot
Voice Memos Snapshot

Voice Memos Snapshot

★ Audio in Mono

You can listen to your favorite music in mono format in your iPhone by changing a few settings. Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Turn on the “Mono Audio” setting.

Audio in Mono Snapshot
Audio in Mono Snapshot

★ Know Your Words

There are dedicated apps for knowing the meaning, pronunciation, and usage of words in the iTunes store. However, your word’s definition feature can do same. Highlight a single word you need information about, and click on “Define.” You will have the word’s pronunciation, its meaning, and the usage along with an example.

Note: You need to download the Dictionary app.

Notes snapshot in iphone
Note snapshot in iphone

Dictionary snapshot in iphone

★ Switching between Numbers and Alphabets

While you are typing, the most annoying part is to switch to the numbers tab to type a digit and then switch back to type the text. All you need to do is to keep the number key pressed, slide to the number, and then let go of your finger; the number will be typed, and it will automatically switch to the alphabet option.

★ Sync Calendar

You can sync your iPhone with your computer calendar so that you don’t have to refer to your computer for those important dates. Plug your iPhone to the computer, and select the “Sync Calendars” option to adjust the calendar.

★ Click Pics with Your Headphones

You might have experienced that the pictures taken from your iPhone are a bit blurred. The solution to this is to use your headphones for clicking pictures. Start the camera app, and when you are done with the necessary settings, you can click the center button of the headphone. The photo will be taken.

★ Facebook Info Update

You can update the Facebook information of your friends in their contact details. In the Facebook app, you need to tap on “Friends” and then click on the “Sync” option. The information will be updated automatically.

★ Launch Siri

There is an easier way to launch Siri than holding the home button. Go to Settings → General → Siri → Select “Raise to Speak”. Whenever you hold the phone near your ear, the light sensor will sense the action and launch Siri.

There are many more features that are yet to be used regularly by the users. Try to play around with the settings of your phone, and discover things that your iPhone can do but you didn’t know about.

Note: Please be careful while handling this expensive device.

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