Things You must Know Before Buying a Used iPad

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Things You must Know Before Buying a Used iPad

Looking to buy an iPad? Buying a used one isn’t a bad option, but there are some checks that you should do before laying your hands on one. This Techspirited article tells you more…

Where to buy a used iPad?
Apple sells refurbished iPads at their stores. These products are checked by Apple, and contain a new battery and outer shell.

The customer base for Apple products is huge. Everyone wants a piece of Apple. But as these devices are priced on the higher side, it is difficult for some of us to purchase them. However, if you are thinking about owning an iPad, and have a tight budget, there is an option. You can always buy a used iPad for a lower cost. The market for such refurbished iPads is huge.

However, before going in for a used iPad, there are a few things you must know. All of us would surely check the iPad for its functionality, but there can be some problems that will not appear unless you check the piece thoroughly. Techspirited has put forth a few points that you must check your iPad for, and only then buy it.

What to Look for When Buying a Used iPad
Here are the points that need to be thoroughly evaluated before buying a used iPad, so that you don’t face any problems in the future while using the device.

For any product, warranty is important, so that it gets repaired in case of any damages or malfunction. The warranty in case of an iPad is transferable, if sold to a second buyer within a year. However, if the warranty is about to expire, make sure you renew it by buying an AppleCare Protection Plan, so that the warranty will be extended for two years from the purchase of iPad. The piece in itself is costly, and repair costs will be high. So, don’t ignore this point while buying an iPad.

Original Receipt
The seller’s original receipt is important in more than one way. To transfer the warranty of the device on your name, the original receipt is necessary. Also, to make repairs on your iPad, it is necessary to show the original receipt. So, don’t forget to get the same from the seller.

I am sure that if you are going in for an iPad, you would be aware of the features that each iPad generation has. Make sure you evaluate your storage space needed before buying a used iPad. Also, evaluate whether you need cellular connectivity along with Wi-Fi. You can buy an iPad based on your needs from many online stores like eBay, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Physical Damages
You will surely know if the iPad is in poor condition or not, simply by looking at it. There are a few areas that need to be carefully examined though, which are mentioned here.

Outer Shell: First and foremost, look out for any scratches, dents, or damage to the outer shell. Carefully examine the sides and corners for any damage. You should also check the shell for color fading.

Screen Moisture: The next step would be to check the screen. Apart from checking for scratches on the screen, you need to examine it for moisture as well. iPad screens have moisture indicators known as liquid contact indicators, which get activated when they come in contact with water or any other liquid. These indicators will turn red when they come in contact with liquid.

Dead Pixels: You should also check the iPad for dead pixels. For this, switch on the iPad and open an image file. When you take a closer look at the image, if you observe unusual odd pixels, the screen is damaged.

Buttons: Check the buttons on the iPad for their functionality. Power off the iPad, and then try restarting it. This operation should be completed smoothly. Also, check the working of the volume buttons.

Ports: The next step is to check the charger and the earphone port. Plug-in the charger in the port and check if it fits correctly. Check the earphones port in a similar manner. Make sure the device is getting charged, and it’s earphones are working properly.

Battery life is one of the most important features to be checked while buying a used iPad. As the device gets older, its battery is bound to degrade, and so will its performance. If the battery is charged and if it discharges immediately, then the battery is damaged. Battery replacement is not a major problem though if the device falls under the warranty period. Apple will replace your battery if its charging capacity goes below 50%, i.e., if the battery charges only to 50% of its total capacity.

Data on the iPad
One of the most frustrating things that needs to be done when you buy a used iPad is the deletion of data stored on it. You don’t want to spend time deleting the owner’s data and taking its backup. You should ask the seller to hand over the iPad to you in the ‘factory condition’. This condition can be achieved by restoring the factory settings via iTunes. Insist on buying the iPad in this condition only. This will not only erase the old data on it, but also the apps that were downloaded on the iPad will be deleted.

Your iPad is covered under the AppleCare protection plan, and in case anything goes wrong with the device, it can always be restored. This AppleCare can be transferred by the owner to the buyer by notifying Apple about the same. This plan can be purchased anytime within the one-year warranty of the product. Don’t forget to get this plan transferred on your name.

Internet Browsing
When you buy a used iPad, connect it to the Internet to check its Wi-Fi operation. Even if there is the slightest of problem in connectivity, it is better to get it rectified before buying the product. In case the iPad includes cellular connectivity like 3G or 4G, make sure the data plans can be changed as per your convenience.

We all know that the iPad is an excellent device, in fact the best there is. Buy a used one only after making all the checks that have been mentioned here.

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