Texting Shortcuts

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Texting Shortcuts

With the rise in the use of mobile phones and social networking sites, we all need to be aware of texting shortcuts. More and more people are using symbols in order to communicate with other people. This article is all about some of the commonly used shortcuts.

Many people use symbols and abbreviations in order to communicate with their friends. Although many people are aware of these symbols, there are many who are completely clueless as well. Such people might find it very difficult to decode every SMS that they get from their friends, and this might make them feel like Robert Langdon from The Da Vinci Code. Not to mention, they might be touted as ignorant fools, who don’t seem to be unaware of such simple things. So, for all such people who are the butt of jokes for not being able to follow some of the SMS language, here are some of the simple texting shortcuts, which will help you the next time you message someone or receive one from them.

Words and Symbols

If you are new at using shortcuts while texting, then here are some common abbreviations, which will help you to be an expert in sending messages. These symbols will not only help you while sending messages via phone, but also while chatting on Facebook or MySpace.

Abbreviations Meaning
HIG How’s it going
AFAGAY A friend as good as you
2g4u too good for you
4yeo for your eyes only
AAM as a matter of fact
ADctd2uv addicted to love
ASAP as soon as possible
LBAY Laughing back at you
UGTBK You’ve got to be kidding
SLAP Sounds like a plan
BFAW Best friend at work
KYFC Keep your fingers crossed
LMK let me know
UOK you okay?
W84M wait for me
ONNA oh no, not again!
AFAIK As far as I know
BBL Be back later
BIBO Beer in, beer out
BRB Be right back
CYO See you online
DWB Don’t write back
AIGHT All right
ALCON All concerned
GTBOS Glad to be of service
BON Believe it or not
DUR? don’t you remember?
B4N bye for now
T2ul talk to you later
W4U waiting for you
WUF where are you from
YBS you will be sorry
HUH have you heard?
ICCL I couldn’t care less
AFAIR as far as I recall
KUTGW keep up the good work
MOF matter of fact
BION believe it or not
DUZ does
DUZNT doesn’t

Besides these, there are certain symbols too., which people use quiet often. People, who are technically handicapped, sometimes have difficulty in understanding what a particular symbol or emoticon means, and probably except for the smiling face [:)] and the sad face [:(], they have no idea even about the existence of some of the common symbols. Here is a list of those:


Texting Symbols Meaning
😎 8) B-) B) Smile with glasses
:'( Crying
o:-) Angel
😐 Disgusted
|-) Sleepy or sleeping
>:) Devil’s smile
:-)(-: Married
:-& Tongue-tied
:-, Hmmmm…smirking
{ } Hug
(:| Tired
:-E Vampire
(_8-(|) Homer Simpson
<3 td=””> Mouse
😡 Kiss
>8-D Evil Crazy Laughter
&:-] Handsome with a square jaw
:@ shouting
:-(O) Shouting
:-~) having a cold
😡 small kiss
X-D Died laughing
=====:} Snake
~:\ Elvis
Q:-) College graduate
(-_-) Boring
x_O O_x Punched in the face
///////8-) Marge Simpson
B-)===> Bart Simpson
X:^) Lisa Simpson
=|:-)## Uncle Sam
*:o) Clown
:C Very Sad
:-> Sarcasm
:\/ Can’t keep ones mouth shut
X-( Just died
>:*) Rudolph
@}–\-,— Rose

These symbols can be used especially when you do not want others to understand what you and your friends are talking about. If you want, then there are more emoticons that you can check out. Of course you will need sometime to get used to these, but once you get the hold of it, it will be fun. With these symbols, no longer do you have to spend hours behind the message that your friend sends you, and you can also surprise your friends by sending them a message using some of the ones mentioned above; if they face difficulty in decoding your SMS, then it’s your turn to mock them for not being able to follow such simple language!

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