Telus Phone Book

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Telus Phone Book

Telus is a telecommunications company in Canada, which provides business contact information through its phone book, to its clients for free. The article below will tell you all about the Telus phone book.

Before social networking sites came into existence, it was a real trouble to find your long lost buddies. Without a proper postal address or phone number, it was simply impossible to contact someone with whom you lost touch years ago. Even in this age of social networking sites, you can do little to find your buddy if you forgot his full name. If your friend happens to be a female, who did not retain her maiden name, you simply have to give up hope of finding her. However, Telus phone book is a tool that allows you to find your contacts from a phone number, name or simply a part of their address. A landmark near their home serves equally helpful in finding their contact information.

What is Telus Phone Book?

  • Telus is basically a telecommunications company based in Canada.
  • It provides an array of communications products and services including data, voice, entertainment, internet phone, and video to its clients.
  • It uses CDMA 2000-based mobility network to provide its services.
  • To its clients, Telus phone book is a tool that retrieves contact information for them. This tool allows them to find businesses or people located in Canada or otherwise.
  • The homepage of Telus phone book provides you with three options, ‘Business Finder’, ‘People Finder’, and ‘TTY lookup’.
  • The other options include ‘Business in Canada’ and ‘Find a Person’. You simply have to enter the details and hit ‘Find’.
  • Within seconds, you will be provided with the requested information. In Telus phone book, postal codes, landmark, or any partial address can all be used to find the contact information of the person or business. However, it does not provide any links for downloading the information.

TTY Lookup

  • TTY stands for Text Telephone or Teletypewriter for the Deaf. It is also sometimes referred as TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf).
  • TTY is a service that enables people with certain physical disabilities to effectively use communication services.
  • People with impaired hearing or speech face a lot of difficulty during voice telecommuting.
  • TTY service implements message relay so that these people can use communication services. TTY works by exchanging text messages rather than voice.

Features of MyTelus

  • MyTelus is Telus reverse phone book service, which allows the subscriber’s to find contact information of the person from his phone number.
  • Cell phone usage has led to many unscrupulous practices, since the caller can easily keep his identity hidden. However, Telus reverse lookup facility allows you to unmask the identity of such callers.
  • You simply have to enter the phone number of the caller and you are presented with his name, address, and other details. MyTelus works for both listed as well as unlisted telephone numbers.


  • MyTelus service is not provided for free. You are charged a small fee for this service.
  • You have to pay about USD 18 to USD 20 towards this fee. Unlike other reverse phone look up services, that require you to pay a certain amount at once, MyTelus charges you as per each inquiry made.
  • As you have to pay for every request, MyTelus becomes pretty expensive. However, most people do not mind paying that extra amount for the quality of service offered.
  • MyTelus is mostly used by businessmen, organizations and institutions along with common people.

Telus phone book is an immensely efficient and superior telecommunication service. Hence, it is gaining popularity outside Canada as well.

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