Smartphones with the Best Battery Life

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Smartphones with the Best Battery Life

While smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, it’s better to make sure they last for long. Take a look at the following write-up that enlists smartphones that claim to have the best battery life, so that your entertainment dosage is never out of stock!

The iPhones, the Droids, the Blackberries, the Samsungs, the HTCs… oh, boy! Smartphones have turned life topsy-turvy, and there’s no denying the fact. Seems like, buying a smartphone is like getting married these days. You buy a smartphone with your hard-earned money, and the very next moment, you see a new (read: better) model launched in the market, with a better built (arr, figure, precisely?), better features, and of course, at a lesser price.

Phones, phones. How can you call them just phones, when they have a smarter edge to them? Today’s phones have state-of-the-art technology cast in them, and that – you’ll love to hear this one- ensures that you don’t care a damn about the electricity bill at all! How? Let me explain. Today’s smartphones are smarter because they provide world-class entertainment and features, but by eating up only a bit of the total battery power.

The batteries used in these phones have a phenomenal life, just so that you don’t have to wander in a bid to find out charging points the moment your device dies! Cool, ain’t it? But when it comes to landing up at a mobile store, and choose one out of the miscellany of smartphones, what would you do? Read ahead to learn about the battery lives of top-notch smartphones available in the market, and then spend your money. Makes sense, I think.

Classy Smartphones with the Best Battery Life

Talk only about battery life, and the lowest-end phones wouldn’t disappoint you. I mean, frickin’ 800 hours of standby? Kiddin me, right? However, smartphones have a lot going inside them. You play games… wait, hardcore games like ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Star Wars’, listen to your favorite music almost all the time, watch movies, read books (with an additional backlit display), set an alarm clock (okay, that wasn’t required), turn on the Wi-Fi so that it’s always in search for an Internet connection, and well, I haven’t yet included your daily calls and messages. Cell phone battery is a critical issue to be addressed. So, if you’ve decided to soak up all the goodness of the smartphone you’re going to buy, read the reviews below before ending up buying the wrong model.

Motorola Atrix 4G

MRP: $99 (AT&T)
Smartphones from the Motorola family have always astonished users. One such subject of astonishment is the Motorola Atrix with 4G facility, that comes with a stunning 530 minutes of battery life (talktime)! Charge it fully, and you’re going to have entertainment nonstop. So, now, you can watch umpteen movies on this phone and listen to endless number of songs as this smartphone leaves no stone unturned in ensuring you cent percent entertainment! 

However, while its standby time is a little disappointing (it’s just 350 hours), not that it’s the worst of all, it could still have been better than many other smartphones on similar lines. I think, a phone that comes with 4G connectivity is sure to eat a lot of battery. Nevertheless, most tech veterans rank this smartphone first only because of its impressive battery life.

Apple iPhone 4G

MRP: $499
Even on heavy use of this 
one-of-a-kind smartphone, you can use it for 35 hours straight! Yes, that’s what the tech gurus have to say about this phenomenal installment of the iPhone series. The iPhone 4G’s battery gives away 7 hours of talktime which is pretty impressive, considering a weak 5 hours talktime in iPhone 3G. Again, the battery of a smartphone is soaked up totally in accordance with the amount of usage, and even then, the iPhone fourth installment has managed to blow minds with the longevity of its battery. While people have always had issues with the battery life of the earlier installments of iPhone, this one sure provides a foolproof solution to them. We’re yet to see what iPhone ‘five-gee’ has in store, though!

Samsung Infuse 4G

MRP: $549.99
Just keep a check on the task manager to end all applications you’re not using, and you’re gong to have the time of your life using this extremely smartphone. a) It comes with an AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen that requires no backlight (thus, no extra consumption of battery), b) larger 1750mAh battery, and c) 480 minutes of talktime which is better than iPhone 4G. Reasons enough to buy this one? Have some more. Even if you check your emails every single hour,or push exchange, you can expect a full day operation with this phone. With an impressive standby of 400 hours, the Infuse 4G is one of Samsung’s greatest inventions, hands down!

BlackBerry Bold 9780

MRP: $499.99
It may lack many features that other touchscreen smartphones have to boast about, but this professional smartphone comes with a battery life (standby) of up to 530 hours, which means good 22 days! Well, it’s explicable, since, there are many things that you can’t do on this phone as much as you can do on a wide screen phone like iPhone or Galaxy S. But, while big displays tend to eat battery a lot, this smartphone has an edge over many by offering good 36 hours of music playtime. Even though you can’t enjoy multimedia as much in this smartphone, you can browse through endless emails, websites, and books in a chic manner with this phone, without compromising with the battery life at all.

You know, you cannot really judge a phone on the basis of its features, unless and until you set your priorities. A phone that has the newest technology need not appeal to you as much as a phone with a technology that might be useful to you. When it comes to battery life, choose the smartphone that caters to all your needs, instead of rushing onto buying a phone that may have everything latest, but is of no use to you. If checking emails all day is your priority, you could still compromise on battery life. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer or a media person, battery life is all you need to look for! Considering all, here’s a list of a few more options you could try. Have a look:

  • Motorola Droid X (9 Hours)
  • Motorola Droid 2 Global (8 Hours 30 Minutes)
  • HTC Evo 4G (7 Hours 30 Minutes)
  • Samsung Galaxy S (6 Hours 50 Minutes)
  • LG Optimus M (6 Hours 40 Minutes)

Note: The above-mentioned battery lives are with respect to the continuous talktime the devices present.

Get your priorities straight. Find out what you’re looking for in a smartphone. Multimedia usage soaks up a lot of battery life, and if you’re a media fanatic, go with the best choice, without caring much about the price tag. The phones are smart enough to ensure you have a great time watching your favorite movie, playing your favorite game, and listening to your favorite music. All, without those annoying ‘Battery Low’ signals.

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