10 Sites Like Bored Panda to Keep You Amazed

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10 Sites Like Bored Panda to Keep You Amazed

Bless the world of Internet, where they have a remedy for each and everything – from boyfriend problems to your cooking dilemma. In fact, they even have a solution for your boredom. Bored Panda as many of you may be aware is a great site to kill time, but how about other sites? This Techspirited article has assembled a list of 10 sites similar to Bored Panda to keep you engrossed.

Did You Know?
According to website analytics site Alexa, about one-third of visitors to Bored Panda are from the United States (35.2%), followed by India (6.6%), and United Kingdom (3.3%).

When boredom creeps in and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do, you instantly start your PC, laptop, cell phone, or whatever gadget you use, to surf the web, which can keep you engrossed for hours on end. According to internet tracker Internet Live Stats, at the time of writing, there are an estimated 1.1 billion websites on the internet. This mind-boggling number is indicative of the choice a user or surfer has. The web is well and truly wide, and off late is fast becoming an avenue of entertainment too. Among the numerous websites that are launched everyday with the intent of garnering user attention, only a few manage to well and truly hit the mark and become instantly popular. Bored Panda, as many of you may be familiar, is one such site that can keep you hooked. It is the only magazine for pandas; well, the site says so, maybe they are turning us into pandas to kill the boredom. It has a huge collection of inspiring stuff to amaze and engage you.

Yet, we humans have a tendency to get bored easily, however interesting or engaging the thing or activity may be. Visitors to Bored Panda are no different, hence we, at Buzzle, have come up with a list of sites like Bored Panda, which will inspire you with their stories, articles, pictures, and videos. So let’s kill the boredom!

Bored Panda Alternatives

This Blog Rules
A very apt name as once you visit this site, you will be hooked for sure. You would be engaged, married, and committed to this website. If you looking for something hilariously funny, artsy, then this is the website. Just like Bored Panda, you are sure to get your daily dose of info, giggles, and fun lists. The website also publishes content from external contributors, so if you think you have creative content to share, they will be glad to publish it on their website.
Website: ThisBlogRules

This site knows the importance of inspiration, which generally, is a scarce resource. We look around for inspiration here and there, but now you don’t need to. Inspirefirst is a source of ideas for all the fashion-designers, architects, photographers, and the list is endless. Again, this site can exhibit your photography skills, painting, fashion sense, to the wide audience. Inspirefirst assembles all the inspiring and creative content every day and possibly every hour. It has a wide variety of categories to choose from.
Website: Inspirefirst

get addicted to
You are sure to get addicted to the awesome photographs, reviews, and style on this site. It is famous for amazing photographs and technology-related articles. It has even started its online magazine, which features articles and interviews of top professional designers and photographers who impart their skills and tips for amateurs. For all you photography enthusiasts, take my word, and visit this site. It won’t be considered bad to get addicted to this website.
Website: getaddictedto

Since we are talking inspiration, how can we miss out on Fubiz? Started in 2005, it is daily fodder for your brain with creative and contemporary articles on graphics, culture, and digital arts. They have recently made a few changes to their website to make it user-friendly. Picture quality, and size has improved, members, and community pages have undergone a few changes. And the new layout seems like a warehouse for pictures and videos pertaining mostly to art and design. Go ahead and indulge yourself with Fubiz.
Website: Fubiz

Everything Fabulous
This site proudly proclaims, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”, and that’s exactly what the website provides us―classy, and fabulous content for its readers. Its main focus is fashion, style, home décor, shopping, and traveling. It has that personal blog kind of feeling, but again you can submit your articles, plus your feedback. One thing is for sure though, this blog inspires you to live, look, and feel fabulous.
Website: EverythingFab

Do you know what NOTCOT means? No, well, neither do we! It is a flourishing network of sites focusing mainly on topics from the art and design world. It includes NOTCOT.com, and community contributed sites such as NOTCOT.org + NotCouture.com + Liqurious.com. NOTCOT is a large colony of all things creative, designs, with the addition of NOTCouture, and Liqurious. There is something for every visitor, no matter what his/her taste or preferences? As their site proclaims and we concur, NOTCOT is a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements.
Website: NOTCOT

Amusing Planet
The tagline of this website says it all―amazing place, wonderful people, weird stuff. The layout is fairly old school but yet covers almost everything from art and design to food to technology. Apart from various categories, it also accepts content and photograph contributions from readers. The sheer variety of topics available for surfing will ensure that time flies by.
Website: AmusingPlanet

Ps Disasters
Remember if you use Photoshop for your images, be careful while editing it, you never know when your work, or image will be put up on this website, just kidding! Ps stands for Photoshop, started in the year 2006, Ps Disasters, or PD, aims to feature only those images that have been utter failures, wherein the Photoshopped image has turned into something unrealistic, physically impossible, and even humorous. Many of the pictures are submitted by their readers, which highlights the misuse of Photoshop in the advertising industry. Their discoveries have also been featured on reputed media sources like The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, BBC World, The New York Times, and the German daily Bild. So if you are a photographer, photo editor, or just someone curious interested in spotting such disasters, feel free to check this site.
Website: PsDisasters

Viral Nova
With more than a million monthly viewers testify to the blend of personalization and story-telling that this site promises to deliver through their content. The site says it was created to fill society’s need for a positive, interesting spin on the world around us, and we say, they have succeeded in doing it. With an amazing number of interesting stories and articles about any kind starting entertainment, DIY projects, causes, science, it comes as a surprise that currently this site is managed by a team of only 18 individuals. Definitely amongst one of our favorite websites, and we recommend it to you guys as well.
Website: ViralNova

This site never fails to cracks me up, posting hilarious GIFs and videos―the site says it’s the best source of fun on the internet. It is great for your daily dose of laughter, just grab a cup of coffee and surf this site to ensure that you have a great time. We think this site is absolutely hilarious, and will always make you laugh even if you are having a bad day.
Website: 9GAG

I am sure these other websites like Bored Panda would add a dash of humor to your drab boring day, and would help to ease your boredom. If you have to add any more websites, please feel free to use the comments section below. Have a Great Day!

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