Silverlight, Flash, or HTML5: Which One to Choose?

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Silverlight, Flash, or HTML5: Which One to Choose?

HTML5, Silverlight, Flash―the 3 web technologies most used on the Internet. While many changes have occurred over the years, they have maintained their hold on the market. But with the competition heating up, let’s see why our contenders deserve the top three spots. The HTML5 vs. Silverlight vs. Flash comparison begins.

All three software―HTML5, Silverlight, and Flash―are standardized.

With design becoming more stylish and competitive, the hunt is on for the software that can do it all. Designers have faced a hurdle of compromising design over content. Although no complete solution has been found as yet, we debate on the 3 most important software used exclusively for web design.

Silverlight has launched its latest version 5.1, used for creating rich-media experiences, with Adobe not far behind, and its latest technology Flash promising streaming across websites. The race heats up with the venture of mobile devices and tablets becoming more prominent in today’s age. As websites scratch their head to find a balance over content and design, a new situation arises with making the website more in tune with your favorite social media sites. HTML5, in its new avatar, promises to embed videos and images easily, and reduce the loading time. With the introduction of new tags like Canvas and Geolocation, its most prominent example can be seen in Google Maps.

The following table gives a graphic representation of the software and its features:

Features HTML5 Silverlight Flash
Reduced File Size
Text Representation/SEO
Media Streaming
Webcam Support
Platform Compatibility
Hardware Acceleration & 3D Graphics
Easy For Deployment

Selecting the right technology is critical, and choosing between HTML5, Silverlight, and Flash depends on your requirements. Having said that, if you wish to target Linux users, you should use Flash or HTML5. If you wish your website to be targeted by search engines, then Silverlight or HTML would be a better option. It is noteworthy to know that Netflix, which used Silverlight to stream movies, is thinking of shifting to HTML5, as Silverlight intends to end its contract by 2021. Flash, which was part of the Adobe family, has been sold to Apache. It released its latest version for Google. Flash content couldn’t run on iOS devices, but now it can be bundled in an Air App and viewed on the phone.

In retrospect, all three technologies continue to be a part of the RIA (Rich Internet Application) architecture. You could use either one or all of them to create your site; the choice is yours.

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