Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

Awestruck by seeing a slew of the beautiful accessories launched for the Samsung Galaxy Tab? We tell you which to buy and which not, all in the following article…

While many of you went bankrupt after buying this completely amazing tablet, there are many of you who can’t get enough of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and hence, want to adorn it with cool accessories. They may be a pretty penny, but when you take out your beautiful tablet, the piece so embellished with accessories, in front of your friends… oh man, how would you afford to miss the look of their eyes turning green?

There is a range of accessories available in the market for the SamTab, but to decide which is the most important and is a must-have often leaves one dumbfounded. Either everything is useful, or none is. Happens? Oh yeah! So, this article discusses five Galaxy Tab accessories that prove to be a must-have for every SamTab owner. If you’re ready for some more money squander, the following accessories sure make your already gorgeous tablet a head-turner!

Samsung Keyboard Dock

MRP: $79.99
The rich 83-key keyboard can be your desktop keyboard, your media controller, and a dock so that you type in comfort. Charge your tablet with ease, use it as a laptop, and freely sync with other multimedia devices, all with the help of this dock. Typing made easy, and navigation made simpler… your dock is your rescuer for only $79.99!

Galaxy Tab 30-pin Vehicle Power Adapter

MRP: $39.99
Such a turn off it is to realize that your SamTab is low on battery, only when you need it the most! Well, for an one-the-go you, this Samsung In-car charger called the Galaxy Tab™ 30-pin Vehicle Power Adapter, makes your job extremely easy. Just plug in the cables, and see your SamTab come back to life. For $40, this one’s worth a shot!

Galaxy Tab Anti- Glare Screen Protectors

MRP: $19.99
To protect your beautiful tablet from scratches, shocks, and trapped air bubbles, here’s presenting the anti-glare screen protector created specially for the Galaxy Tab, so that your tablet has a sound sleep. It easily adheres to your tablet, and protects the screen from all kinds of scratches and marks without reducing the screen brilliance. And if you thought you’ll get just one for twenty bucks, here’s the surprise. Inside the pack, you get three, not one! Happy?

Soft Silicone Skin Case with Stylus

MRP: $7.99
To protect your SamTab, this is one of the best covers launched till date. The Soft Silicone Skin Case comes with a stylus to make navigation on a touchscreen easier. One of the best things about this case is that, unlike other fairly heavy covers and cases for the Galaxy Tab, this one proves to be the lightest. But when it comes to durability, no other cover stands a chance. To protect your device from occasional bumps, $7.99 is a fair amount, don’t you think so?

Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand

MRP: $12.99
Whether you are in a cafeteria, in a flight, or simply killing time on desk, the Arkon portable fold-up stand for the Galaxy Tab makes tapping and swiping an easy job. If you find the Galaxy Tab dock a bit towards the higher end, this one comes for half the price, and serves almost similar purpose. Moreover, its fold-up features allows you to fold it up and put it inside your backpack easily. Enabling multiple positions and angles, this is one of the best accessories for Galaxy Tab!

A few more accessories, though not as attractive as the above fabulous five, do deserve a special mention. If you’ve not had enough, here’s enlisting some more:

  • Galaxy Tab Stereo/Video Cable ($29.99)
  • Galaxy Tab HDMI Multi-Media Dock ($49.99)
  • Galaxy Tab Protective Leather Pouch ($49.99)
  • Galaxy Tab Vehicle Mount ($69.99)

Explore an all new world of SamTab accessories where you have everything an easy way. Just find out your model number, go to their website, and check out the most compatible accessories that you can have. Online deals are much more lucrative in comparison to those you do in-person, and hence, you could keep checking for the latest updates on the official website of Samsung. For now, you know what to buy. Stock up on your wallet, go through various reviews, and settle on the most significant accessory for your SamTab!

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