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Removable Vs. Non-removable Batteries: Which One Should You Choose?

Removable Vs. Non-removable Batteries: Which One Should You Choose?
With the advent of technology every other day, humans have a lot of choices to be made from the never stopping glut of phones in the market. While it's left for us to decide which phone we want, certain specifications do play an important part in making a decision. One such specification is deciding whether to purchase a phone with a removable or a non-removable battery.
Meghna Tongiya
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Lock screen
According to studies conducted by various groups, an average person unlocks his or her phone more than 100 times a day.
Pros of a Removable Battery
No Lagging Business
Lagging phone
If a phone with a removable battery freezes, the simplest way to make it function again is by removing the battery and inserting it back, HURRAY! Your phone has started working again.
For the Outdoorsy
Discharged phone
Going on a long trip, trekking, or traveling, removable batteries have an add-on advantage. You can always carry an extra removable battery with you and use it when needed.
Selling Affair
Selling phone
Bored of your phone? Want to sell it? Your removable battery phone can easily be sold in the market, because even if the battery has a problem in the future, the buyer can always buy a new battery when required.
Cons of a Removable Battery
Style Speaks!
If you are a style freak and want your phone to be all cool and stylish, you definitely wouldn't want your phone to be thick just because of the battery.
Fear of Damaging the Contacts
Contacts of a battery
Removing the battery every time your phone freezes may damage the battery's contacts and other essential parts of the phone as well.
Pros of a Non-removable Battery
Pile of dust and mobile phone
As there are no open spaces on a non-removable battery phone, there is no chance for dust particles getting accumulated in the insides of the device.
Dust in a phone
Mobile phone got stolen? Not to worry. Thieves cannot take the battery out from your phone and make it untraceable. So, your phone can be traced wherever it is.
Non removable battery phone
Uni-body phones are always slimmer than phones with a removable battery, because the extra space is no longer needed.
Cons of a Non-removable Battery
Heating Issue
Battery burning
If your cell phone battery is getting bloated, you might not know until it's too late to do anything. In a non-removable battery, the heating and swelling happens inside the device, thus crushing the inner equipment, and sometimes the screen too.
Micro SD Slots
Micro SD card
Many of the non-removable battery phones do not have a micro SD card slot. This can be a big disadvantage for a user as far as storage space is concerned.
Error note on the phone
If a non-removable battery freezes or doesn't respond for some reason, and holding down the power button also doesn't help, you have no option but to wait till the charge gets dried up. Or, you'd have to contact a service center and give your phone for repairs, which definitely is a lengthy and costly affair.