Pros and Cons of a Refurbished iPhone 4

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Pros and Cons of a Refurbished iPhone 4

Ever wondered what happens to the faulty or damaged phones that are replaced with new ones under warranty? The buyer on a budget often comes across the thought of buying something secondhand or remodeled. Maybe it’s as good as the real thing?

The iPhone 4 offers a variety of multimedia features like video calling, camera with flash, internet browsing and other highlights that also make up for its high price. You may have bought yours under contract. But, have you noticed certain advertisements offering ‘refurbished iPhones’ at a significant price margin? A refurbished phone is the term given to a phone that was previously used and returned generally within 30 days of purchase or was used as a demo model at cell phone stores. It is reconditioned and resold, hence, at a cheaper rate.

Pros of a Refurbished iPhone 4

  • Lower Price: The difference between a refurbished and a new iPhone 4 can be as much as $50.
  • Same Specs: All specifications of a refurbished iPhone are tantamount to that of a new iPhone 4. In fact, after being refurbished by Apple, the phone undergoes thorough quality and performance check tests by testers.
  • Brand New Casing: Irrespective of the fact whether the original phone had a technical fault or a cosmetic one, the casing is always replaced and your phone will look as good as new.
  • Extra Apps: Yes, you read it right. If the first owner of your refurbished iPhone downloaded extra apps on the phone, they will be restored after re-conditioning. This means you will have additional applications on your phone that have been paid for by someone else.

Cons of a Refurbished iPhone 4

  • Warranty Period: It is estimated that the warranty period offered on a refurbished phone is 90 days from your carrier. This may not hold true in all cases. The warranty period is variable and depends on your seller. Any technical problems in your handset in the 9 months period, warranty received on a new iPhone 4, post-purchase cannot be compensated by the $50 discount. However, if you buy a refurbished phone from Apple and there is any warranty period of a year left from the first purchase, you need to check with Apple for the exact time left if the phone has not crossed its original warranty and may renew it before it expires.
  • Old Packaging: If you are amongst the ones who is into the details and likes everything new and proper, you may be disappointed when your refurbished phone is sold to you because it comes minus the brand new packaging.

In fact, if you want to trade in your iPhone 3gs with a refurbished iPhone 4, chances are you are not just going to get a new and upgraded phone, you will also receive some amount of your cash back. If you have been given a refurbished phone to replace your iPhone 4 due to some technical flaws, the warranty will last as long as the original duration. To check if the new replaced handset is refurbished, or really new, you can trace back your phone’s serial number from ‘Settings’ option on the menu. Select ‘General’, then ‘About’. The 4th digit of the serial number signifies the number of week of the year the phone was manufactured in.

Also, as I mentioned before, a refurbished phone is packaged in a different box, unlike the original ones that are used for brand-new apple iPhones. The Apple terms and conditions on your new phone’s manual book clearly states that in case of defect within the warranty period, your phone will be replaced by a refurbished iPhone whose performance and functions are at par with the original specs.

Tip: Most refurbished phones have serial numbers starting with ‘5K’. This may not necessarily be the case for all.

An iPhone, after all, always lives up to its image. Apple is one of the most customer-friendly companies around the globe that offers top-grade products. If possible, try to look for a refurbished iPhone 4 that was not in use for more than 6 months previously. You can absolutely rely on such a phone bought from Apple for your iPhone 4’s performance. But, it may be risky to get one from a service provider. It seems though that Apple has now stopped selling such phones and now uses them only to replace iPhones under warranty.

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