Red Wii Console Review

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Red Wii Console Review

Looking for an affordable deal for a brand new gaming console? Check out the following red Wii console review. It comes preloaded with some vintage Wii games and it might just be the stuff you’re looking for!

The red Wii console was launched by Nintendo in 2010 by way of commemorating the completion of an era of vintage Nintendo Gems such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong, etc. This limited edition Nintendo Wii game console was released in the latter part of the year 2010 in various global markets such as the United Kingdom, Japan and North America. The red Wii console bundle launched in North America included the New Super Mario Bros. Wii along with the Wii Remote Plus as a part of the entire package. Now, proceeding towards the red Wii console review, let’s find out how good a deal it offers in terms of technical specifications, gaming experience and affordability.

Red Wii Console Review – Features

Before we jump to the review part and reach a conclusion with regards to whether or not its worth the investment, let’s take a look at the various features of this comparatively cheap Wii console and see what makes it different from its competitors. Besides the super hit games and the color which makes it stand apart from its peers, the red Wii console boasts of the following features and utilities that add novelty to this Nintendo gaming console:-

  • The Wii Remote Plus that comes with the red Wii console bundle can be connected to the console through the medium of Bluetooth connection. Also, a maximum of four standard remotes can also be connected to the console using Bluetooth.
  • This console gives you access to Wii channels through which you can further access various communication and entertainment options in the form of interactive multimedia venues.
  • The availability of 512 MB of internal memory along with two USB ports makes this console capable of multitasking.
  • The red Wii console also allows you to access the Internet and you have the option to choose between wired or wireless Internet connectivity as both these utility specifications come in-built with this console.
  • You can also stream movies from Netflix and this console comes with a parental control feature which allows parents to access multiple channels and perform many communication exchange functions.
  • A Nunchuk Controller also comes with the entire red Wii console package, along with the Wii Remote Plus and the standard Wii hardware (console stand, power cord, wired sensor bar, composite cable, etc.).

Red Wii Console Review – The Pros and Cons

Now, coming to the good and the bad of it, let’s take a look at the various good stuff that you’re gonna get if you fall for the red Wii console:-

  • You get to play motion sensor games (equivalent of the Xbox Kinect and PS3 Move games) and surf the Internet with this consoles without having to dish out a fortune, as is in the case of its Microsoft and Sony counterparts.
  • The red Wii console is backwardly compatible and you can play all GameCube games on it and use GameCube controllers with it.
  • The most recent red Wii console bundle includes some of the best Wii games ever, like Wii Sports Resorts, Wii Motion Plus and Wii Sports as well besides the 25th Anniversary Edition of the New Super Mario Bros.

That’s all the good stuff that you get if you go for the red Wii, which is one of the cheapest Wii consoles around if you consider all that it lets you do at the given price. However, following are some not-so-good stuff that accompanies the package and may slightly bother you while making your purchase decision.

  • The controller consumes a lot of battery power and may need to get charged for a long time before you can grab it to win score some game points.
  • Some online features relating to online gaming and community are a tad complicated and might take you some time before you are completely comfortable with them.
  • The red Wii consoles falls somewhat short of the HD graphics and surround sound capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Many online vendors such as Amazon are currently offering the red Wii console for sale. You can check out the websites of various stockists to get an idea of the various Wii console deals, offers that are available on the red Wii console, best price and other purchase particulars on cheap Wii consoles. As far as the above review is concerned, it is a good bargain if you’re not that finicky about graphics and sound quality. You get to play motion sensor games, surf the Internet and perform many other novelty functions at a very affordable price, though!

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