Rear Projection TV Problems And Effective Ways to Solve Them

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Rear Projection TV Problems

Are you facing problems with your rear projection TV? If you want to know some troubleshooting tips for your TV problems, read on…

Television or TV is one of the necessities of modern times. For many people, living without a TV would be very difficult to imagine. It entertains and informs us. Whenever you encounter a TV problem, it can cause a lot of frustration (especially, when you, the owner, has to miss your favorite program due to a malfunction).


When you go to watch a movie in the theater, you can hardly fail to notice that the projector is in action? It projects images on the screen that is in front of you. But, when it comes to rear projection TVs, that’s not the case. Here, the projector projects the images from the inside of the TV onto the inner side of the TV screen; for this reason it is called the RPTV.

All of this means unplanned expenditure and a lack of entertainment for you. But, what if you are facing one of the common problems. Want to handle it, without having to call for a professional help? The following information may help you in troubleshooting things commonly seen in a RPTV.

Troubleshooting RPTV Problems

You need not only to know about the rear projection technology but also the technology of the projector used, the type of the projector lens unit, the screen and the shell-box that contain all the gadgetry of your TV. Major image projection technologies used in RPTVs, are of three types:

  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)

All these technologies have a certain common platform, but they have very subtle variations amongst them. Because of these differences, the problems also vary.

Color Streaks on Screen

If the image on your television screen is streaked with the colors, then most probably, your TV is magnetized. It is quite easy to get rid of the color streaking. Bring a magnetic coil, close to the top left corner of the TV screen and make small circular motions with it. Gradually go on increasing the radius of the circles. When the circular movements cover the entire TV screen, start moving away from the screen slowly. You should observe that the color streaks have all gone away and the quality of the images on the screen has improved.

Fuzzy Pictures

This problem is mostly seen because of the loose connections of the co-axial cable that runs between the TV antenna and the TV set. See, if the image on the screen moves, when you give the cable a shake. The RPTV repair, in this case is nothing but checking all the cable connections. Fixing the loose one can get rid of the fuzzy pictures on the TV screen.

Continuous Shutdowns

Most often than not, repeated shutdowns are caused due to the TV timer which has been accidentally turned on. Overheating may be the alternate cause of your TV’s shutdown. Remove the objects that are preventing the free ventilation of air inside the TV and in the surrounding area. If the problem persists, then you may have a real problem at your hand. Contact the customer service of the manufacturer, if your TV is in warranty period, else you can call a professional technician.

Gray Spots on Screen

If you are using the TV set for more than 10 years, you may encounter gray spots. Basically, the inner surface of these TV screens are coated with a phosphorus layer. This layer absorbs energy from the electrons that are shot at it, by the electronic gun inside the TV. When a particle of the phosphorus is hit by the electron, it glows in an attempt to release absorbed energy in the form of light. When the electrons hit this layer in a pattern, we see it as an image on the screen. However, over the period of time, phosphorus particles in the layer burn and can no more glow. This gives rise to gray spots on the screen. This can be solved by screen replacement. The best way of doing this, is to let the experts handle it.

Repairing an RPTV

When you are doing RPTV repair, take into account the following tips.

  • Check, all the buttons of the remote control. Sometimes, they tend to get stuck in their slots, causing the TV to go haywire.
  • Disconnect the power cable of the TV from the power source.
  • Check, all the external cable connections to see if there is any loose contact anywhere. If you find everything is all right with the connections, check and see if all the buttons are working properly.
  • Check out all the TV circuits from the TV repair manual. This can be bought from the TV retailer from whom you have purchased the TV set.
  • The instructions detailed in the manual may help you understand your TV better.
  • Open the shell of the TV box and find the part which is faulty with the help of a multimeter.
  • If you are not able to locate the faulty part, contact the customer service to get proper advice to carry out the repairing.
  • Put the shell back on and connect the power cord properly. If your TV is still not working, then consult a technician.

The intention over here is to give you some tips about the most common problems. If you are a technically oriented person, then go ahead and try to tackle the problem. In case, you have some doubts, ask for advice.

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