Things to Know Before Buying a New Cell Phone

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Things to Know Before Buying a New Cell Phone

Cell phone once a luxury, is a necessity today. With a number of manufacturers present, it is necessary to know about cell phone features before you buy one.

Today’s cell phones are just not cell phones anymore―they can be called cameras, MP3 players, radios, portable video players, GPS units, and much more. The amount of technology that can be stuffed into this product is simply astounding.

If you were to take a minute to think about cell phones about twenty years back, you would realize that not many people had them, and for those who did, the phones were bulky and with antennas. Today, these gadgets have come a long way―you can find ones that weigh less than 500 grams and are slimmer than your finger.


But with all that technology comes a problem―a problem of choice. How do you choose the best cell phone in the market?


Well, here are a few tips that can help you decide. The first tip is deciding what is important for you when you are buying one. Are you looking for a phone that offers the best plan, or is the device more important for you?

Important Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Cell Phone


As much as you convince yourself that the calling plan doesn’t matter, it does. How long are you going to be happy with just a fancy device? If the calling plan doesn’t suit your need, the device itself is quite pointless, isn’t it? So, while buying, always check with service providers for calling plans, and always compare them with others.

Phone features discussion

Also, do not forget to check for regional and international calling plans. If you need an international calling plan, but the one you like only has regional calling plans, is it worth it?

Camera Phones

Most people choose cell phones with a camera because that’s what everyone else has. But unless you are someone who enjoys taking pictures all the time, or your job demands it, this just isn’t worth the extra cash.

Girl filming with smartphone on concert in the nightclub

In fact, if you save the money, you can put in that cash into buying a digital camera.

Battery Life

Check the life of the batteries for the phone you are pondering about buying. If you are the sort who needs to use the phone twenty-four hours a day, then you need a device that offers extended battery life. You do not want a phone that requires more recharging than you do.

Looks and Features


So your phone weighs only 99 grams, is 1 cm thick, and has a camera and MP3 player along with radio and Bluetooth. Quite a fancy piece, isn’t it? But how much does it cost, and how long before all the software problems really start? This is the problem with most ‘fancy’ phones. They cost a bomb and the problems start showing up within a month of using it.

Warranty and Guarantee

Always check for the warranty and guarantee period in a cell phone, and if you have the option to extend the warranty and guarantee period, then it is suggested that you do so.

Online Deals

As with all things these days, the Internet has a whole lot to offer. Check the Internet for deals and for cell phone comparison so as to get an idea of what is available in the market.

To own a cell phone is not a big deal these days, but what is important that while you buy a cell phone, you get the best deal and device possible.

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