PS3 Sound Problems

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PS3 Sound Problems

The PS3 is not immune from certain defects and problems, and sound problems are some of the most niggling and frustrating issues when they occur. There is only so much a layman can do to fix this though, so a professional repair center may be your only option.

Owning a Sony PlayStation 3 console is a marvelous experience, since there is so much that this console can offer you, but the truth is that from time to time, you will suffer from certain electronic problems. This is after all a piece of machinery, and it is only natural that some defects and issues will arise occasionally. This is inevitable and unavoidable, and the best thing that you can do is to be prepared for such situations to the best of your abilities.

There are some issues which are sure to be more serious and complicated than others, and it is best to give the console to a professional repair shop, paying them a large amount of money for solving the issue. In some cases though, knowing about a specific problem and its possible solutions will help you overcome this issue for free.

PS3 Audio Problems

Audio problems related to the PS3, imply that you are not getting any audio output at all, or are facing a defect with some of the audio connectors, or are getting some strange and distorted noises instead of the proper audio output. Two quick fix solutions to any of these problems is to disconnect all the cables of the PS3 and then reconnect them again, or to reboot the console from scratch. In most cases these two steps will get rid of any audio-related problems that you may be experiencing, but the real trouble arises when there is something wrong with the hardware of the device.

If you are assured that this is the case, then you have two other options. You can either purchase a PS3 repair guide from the Internet and fix the issue yourself, or you can hand over the console to a repair shop. Each method has its own pros and cons, and the choice is entirely yours to make. A repair guide should only be used by someone who is knowledgeable and comfortable about working with computer components, since the internal mechanism of the PS3 is quite complex. An amateur may end up causing more damage than good, and this should be avoided. Moreover, these guides do not come for free and you will have to pay around $10 – $20, to buy them off the web.

On the other hand, giving the console to a certified repair shop, or even a Sony Center, will ensure that you get an expert looking at the console. Moreover, if any parts need to be replaced, you can be assured that they will be using original replacement parts. The downside here is that the cost can run pretty high (as high as $150), and you may not get the console back for around 2 weeks. This time period depends from case to case, but the saving of these resources is one of the major reasons why some people choose to solve PS3 optical sound problems themselves, with the help of a repair guide.

One of the most common PS3 sound problems is a humming noise from the speakers of the TV set. Many people claim that disconnecting the cable TV wire from your television set will cause the humming noise to go away, since its signals interfere with the audio output of the console itself. Though the magnetic shielding present in the wires of the console should prevent this from happening, sometimes it is unavoidable. In case of a faulty HDMI cable, you can try using another HDMI cable or even a connecting adapter of some sort. Using a better quality HDMI cable is usually the solution to this problem, and it should be successful in most cases.

Figuring out the exact nature of these problems is not simple without actually looking at the console. This is something an experienced professional will be adept at, and if the simple tricks of reconnecting cables, getting new cables and rebooting the console do not work, then it is probably best to have a professional take a look at the console anyway.

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